This is the best free antivirus to protect your computer, according to the OCU

this is the best free antivirus to protect your computer.png
this is the best free antivirus to protect your computer.png

free antivirus for Mac and Windows

Nowadays you have to be aware that an antivirus can save you from many dangerous situations in which your data and personal information are compromised. However, there are some programs that are more effective than others and that have a higher percentage of eliminating viruses or phishing that do nothing but wreak havoc on our computers. If you want to prevent your PC from being infected, The OCU has the perfect antivirus on the table.

It is not easy to find the right antivirus to get rid of all the cyber threats that circulate on the Internet and feel much more relieved when you browse, work or play on your computer. However, the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) has carried out an exhaustive examination of a large batch of antivirus to share which is the most complete and the most recommended. Without further ado, we offer you the winner for the Windows platform and for Mac.

The best antivirus for Windows

Although Microsoft has incorporated its Windows Defender antivirus by default, it is not the most suitable option to keep all your documentation safe. Although over time it has perfected its functions to counter attacks by cybercriminals, it is still below other antiviruses in terms of blocking web pages with malware. According to the OCU analyses, Windows Defender blocks a total of 97.36% of detected malware, a lower percentage than last year (99.95%). It also does not have anti-phishing protection, which is very important for safe navigation through the system.

Therefore, the consumer organization has found a free antivirus for Windows that offers practically perfect protection. The reports prove that Bitdefender Antivirus Free It is the best free antivirus to date. In fact, experts highlight its magnificent performance in terms of almost total malware removal, with an efficiency of 98.31% during a manual scan and a 99.33% of blocking web pages, without false positives. Regarding its anti-phishing protection, it reflected a resounding 90% on malicious pages.

Among its advantages is the great balance of not slowing down the computer at any time and the elimination of intrusive advertising to upgrade to the paid version.

free antivirus Mac and Windows

The best antivirus for Mac

Regarding direct competition from Windows, the OCU has also established its opinion on the best antivirus that exists today for Mac. Unlike Windows, Apple’s computer It does not have any standard antivirus to intercept malware, but it is compensated by the small amount of viruses that usually exist on this type of device. Although we must always be alert to face any fraudulent situation.

In this case, the best free antivirus for Mac is AVG Free Antiviruswhich has the ability to prevent the 100% of viruses from entering the computer and putting a barrier to 84% of phishing agents.

However, the OCU blames the fact that these types of tools do not come with parental control functions, services to improve the experience when connecting with VPN or a password manager that can be saved with total security.

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