This is the best app to remember what medication you have to take each day

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If medication is needed, it is vitally important not to forget to take it every day, and this app can help you remember it.


It is not unusual that at some point it will be necessary to take medication on a daily basis to treat a chronic condition or illness. These treatments are not strange in Spain, and they help many people to lead a normal life and be healthy. It is even something that some manufacturers, like Samsung, include in their ecosystem.

Although it is something that is done daily, it is possible that There are times when many people can forget to do so, and it is not the most advisable for health. For this reason, at Voonze we have looked for the best application to maintain a certain order regarding medications and their intake.

Its name is Medication Reminder, it is available for free on Google Play and can be a great ally for those people who are a little more absent-minded and do not always remember to take medication when it is their turn to do so.

Routines with all the luxury of detail

Creating the habit of taking medication when appropriate is the best thing you can do to try to comply with treatment. As much as possible, and this application can be a great help thanks to the large amount of details it allows you to record.

For each medication that needs to be taken, whether daily or weekly, it is necessary to create a file detailing the medication in question, the first time it was taken, the frequency with which it needs to be taken, and the amount. of pills. In this way, the application will send a notification every time it is time to do so, specifying what to take at all times so that there is no confusion.

 In addition, the application also allows you to view a calendar showing all the scheduled intakes during the month. In the same way, it is also possible to create other users to keep track of your medication and be able to take a look at your calendar.

There is a section with a map from which it is possible to check where there are pharmacies nearby. If you are taking medication for a long time or have to monitor someone else’s treatment, it is one of the best applications that exist, since it is free and does not have advertising.

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