This is the best app to have the iPhone’s sleep mode on your Android mobile: fluid, customizable and with Material You

this is the best app to have the iphones sleep.webp.webp.webp
this is the best app to have the iphones sleep.webp.webp.webp

As much as Apple boasts about its operating system, even more so in the latest version, the 11 new features of iOS 17 were already on our beloved Android. The most direct competition is expert in attributing successes, although we cannot detract from the impact of the sleep mode which turns the iPhone into a nice watch while charging.
From Xataka Android we already told how to have sleep mode, thanks to a free application. But this time we have a better one, more respectful of the design language of our favorite operating system, and with more useful functions. This is StandBy Mode Pro.

The definitive sleep mode that surpasses that of the iPhone

With the release of iOS 17, Apple added a very attractive feature, especially due to its design. Sleep mode It’s a kind of screensaver which is present when the iPhone charges, and it didn’t take them long to adapt it for Android. Now, we can enjoy it and get the most out of it thanks to these apps, although there is a new one that has just arrived and exceeds all expectations.

Sleep mode Android appThe initial screen shows a tutorial that informs us about the possibilities of this app

StandBy Mode Pro (they haven’t thought much about the name) is completely complete, and most importantly: It is customizable like few others. As soon as we open it, we will notice that it follows the guidelines of Material You, Google’s design language.

From its introductory tutorial, it shows us how to configure it. Which is very simple: we will touch on each side of the screen, where we can add widgets such as digital and analog clocks, and other tools such as time. The application divides the screen into two spaces and each one can have different widgets that we will alternate with a gesture from top to bottom (or vice versa to return).
Although, if we prefer, we can use a non-divisible interface, thus occupying the entire screen with elements such as the clock, the battery percentage – with a beautiful design, everything must be said – or a gallery of images of our phone.

Standby Mode Pro

And if that was not enough, its configuration is very deep. It allows us to set a custom brightness, use focus mode (choosing which apps can show notifications), and also allow the notification curtain to appear while in use.

Then, you have more advanced settings to vary your behavior: automatic launch when charging, close when unplugging the charger, a night mode to make it more pleasant in dark environments and some experimental functions in the ‘Labs’ section.

This application It is free to download, although it includes ads. If we want to eliminate them, as well as unlock more widgets belonging to the premium mode, we have to check out. It is not excessively expensive – especially if we take advantage of the sleep mode – since it only has a lifetime plan that for 4.69 euros will unlock the maximum potential. You can download it now from the Play Store in the link we leave below.

StandBy Mode Pro

StandBy Mode Pro turns your phone or tablet into a smart display while charging. It is designed with Material Design 3 and fluid animations for an elegant look on the desktop or bedside.

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