This is Shuffles, the Pinterest app to make collages

Shuffles, the Pinterest app that allows you to make collages, has climbed positions in the ranking of the most installed apps in app stores due to the demand of Generation Z in search of new tools through which to express themselves by publishing generated content, in this case, collaboratively.

Shuffles, which has not been officially launched, is one of the most downloaded apps in the United States

With a restrictive form of access (by invitation only), the collages produced with Shuffles are published through TikTok or shared privately among a growing community, as indicated by having converted during the week of 15 to 22 from august in one of the five most downloaded apps on iPhones in the United States (within the “lifestyle” category), reaching number one on the 21st. It has also been placed in the Top 20 most downloaded apps on iOS other than games, also in the United States, during that same week.

The most curious thing about the case is that Shuffles has not been officially released. From Pinterest, the developer of this app, they have simply “released” it and placed it in the application stores without a prior advertising campaign or official announcements of any kind.

Shuffles allows Pinterest users to use their photo gallery (or camera) to cut out objects present in them and from them generate collages that can be shared. This is a capacity similar to the one that iOS 16 will soon incorporate, which will allow you to crop parts of the photos (and even videos) to incorporate them into other images or send them via instant messaging, post them on social networks… And the procedure for cropping is as simple as placing your finger on the object or subject present in the image that you want to cut out.

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The Shuffles app has an intelligent algorithm capable of detecting the object or subject, isolating it and cropping it, after which it can be added to another image, altered in size and even added to that portion of the image with effects including movement.

And although the result is frequently shared through TikTok for Pinterest it is also interesting since it also redirects traffic to this social network due to the fact that the objects cut with Shuffles include a direct link to said image hosted on Pinterestwhere it can be seen or, depending on the case, paid for its use.