This is Pixy, the new Snapchat selfie drone


Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, already has its new device in charge of obtaining the best moments lived to enable them to be shared later with family and friends. It’s about a small selfie drone called Pixyand that from today is on sale both in the United States and in France at a price of 230 dollars.

This device arrives five years after the launch of Spectacles sunglasses, measures 130 millimeters wide and 120 millimeters high, and weighs 101, since the idea is that the user himself can carry it even in his own pants pocket.

Strengthening its position as a camera company

Besides It does not have a controller, where it will only be necessary to select between the four available programs on the dial that exists on top of it. It has an interchangeable battery, which according to Snap, allows for five to eight flights, each of which can vary from 10 to 20 seconds.

Snap also sells extra batteries for $20 each, and a portable charger for two batteries for $50. But make no mistake, the photos and videos do not have sufficient quality beyond being able to be enjoyed on mobile devices, with a 12MP sensor camera capable of taking up to 100 videos or up to 1000 photos, which will be hosted locally on 16 GB internal memory.

These contents will later be synchronized in the Snapchat mobile application, precisely in the memories section, where users will be able to make basic editions, where among other aspects, they will be able to include a music band, keeping in mind that the device will not capture audioas well as adding some augmented reality effects.

Of course, the device, following the company’s visual guide, will come in a striking yellow color, also having propellers in a translucent orange tone. According to the manual, it is “a small smart drone with a camera and camera function.”

For snaps:

Everything you need to capture the moment from a new perspective is right in the palm of your hand. At the touch of a button, Pixy flies in four preset flight paths. She can hover, orbit, and follow wherever she wants to take her, without a controller or any settings. And Pixy finds her home in your hand, landing softly at the end of the flight.

The company has released this device on the same day that the FCC has published a series of photos about this device along with some additional data.

More information: Snap

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