This is my favorite interface for Android TV and Google TV: clean, simple and very fast

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FLauncher is an application that replaces the interface of televisions and devices with Android TV with a simpler and faster one.

Smart televisions are already common in Spain. Most homes have one, either through their own interface or with devices such as Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Fire TV. The most interesting thing about these last two is that they allow the installation of Android applications.

This applies to new streaming applications, games and even very curious apps, such as the one that allows you to remap the behavior of the remote control buttons. But there is more, It also allows you to modify the interface of the television itself.

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That’s just what the FLauncher app does, a minimalist desktop replacement that allows change the home screen to a much simpler one, without ads, without sectionswhich makes the app buttons at a glance and also allows you to select your favorites.

This application has been developed to improve the user experience of televisions with Android TV or Google TVand it can also be used in the accessories that use it, the Set Top Boxes from different manufacturers.

After installation you will have access to the main screen, and only, of the application. Two sections appear in it, the first which is the one that brings together the different applications that are not related to the consumption of multimedia content, and the second which is the one that shows all the streaming apps.


At the top right is the Settings button, which allows you to modify certain interface parameters. There you can edit the applications, the categories in which to group the different applications or the wallpaper. There is also a shortcut to Android Settings, in case you need to modify something, or if you want to change the app that manages the desktop.

The essence of FLauncher is this, simplicity and organization, and also improve performance. You can even eliminate animations when moving through applications, something that will help on lower-powered televisions or devices.

FLauncher Settings

It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. There aren’t many reasons not to try it. unless the different sections of the Google TV interface that allow direct access to some applications and their movies are used a lot.

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