This is Miravia’s secret trick to get up to 20 euros on your next purchase

Brian Adam

trick 20 euros miravia

Shopping in Miravia has become a ritual for those who want to save big. Between its welcome coupons, seller discounts and flash sales… hardly any money is spent! And what if we told you that there is a trick to get 20 euros as a gift?


We know it sounds like cholazo, and we confirm that it is. However, you should keep in mind that it is a limited offer, valid only for Miravia orders made in Spain and for new customers. If you meet the requirements, continue reading to get free money.

Pay with Revolut

To get 20 euros in Miravia, you will have to pay with Revolut. Although you should keep in mind that this money will come to you in the form of cashback; that is to say, will be reimbursed for you to use on your next purchase. The easy thing about this type of payment is that we can pay with a virtual card, while the physical one arrives or if we prefer to pay for anything online.

revolut miravia

To get this reward you have to follow these steps:

  • Enter your phone number on the Revolut website. This will cause them to send you a link to download their app and create a user. If you already have one, you can create another one for your partner or a friend to enjoy the discount on the famous marketplace.
  • Buy in Miravia. Choose what you want to buy in Miravia within 7 months of signing up for Revolut. There is no minimum purchase, but you do have to pay exclusively with this card to earn up to 20 euros of cashback.
  • Receive the money in your account. Once your identity and purchase are verified, the reward will be added directly to your Revolut account. The credit will appear in the next 7 days from the payment.

You will have until January 16, 2024 to use this promotion, so consider when is best for you. Maybe you should do it close to Black Friday or Christmas, if you want to take advantage of an extra discount. Of course, a 3% cashback, with a maximum of 20 euros. So the purchase will have to be for a minimum of 667 euros to take advantage of all the money. However, that 3% will be applied to any price.

If it seems like an exorbitant price, think that in Miravia there are all kinds of products. For example, you could buy an air conditioner or a refrigerator and get this money for your next purchase. However, a number of products can be added. What matters is the total payment. To be clearer, you can get the PlayStation 5 and three games included for 779 euros. Once you pay with Revolut, you will have those 20 euros guaranteed for exceeding the limit of 667 euros.

You don’t want to spend so much? You can look at tablets, like this OnePlus Pad for 459 euros. You can also add Miravia coupons to make the purchase cheaper. Of that final price, 3% will go to your Revolut account.

safer payments

The reason for this promotion is none other than to favor payment with Revolut. Although most of us choose to buy with a debit or credit card, PayPal or even Bizum, there are just as secure alternatives.

Revolut is characterized by favoring its clients to have full control of their money from the application. You can block cards, add spending limits, make transfers, etc. In addition, online payment is safer. This is something that worries many people, especially for fear of card data being used and purchases made without permission.

Not only will it help you pay online or in Miravia, you can use it as a card associated with your mobile, both for Apple Pay and Google Pay. It is usually a great option for those people who travel abroad and want to avoid commissions on currency exchanges.