This is Kick, a streaming platform that rivals Twitch

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Currently, Twitch has established itself as the leading platform in the live game streaming but competition has started to arise with the arrival of new offerings, including the Kick platform, which describes itself as “the most profitable game streaming platform”.

Kick found himself involved in several controversies, among which the unauthorized transmission of the Super Bowl final stands out.

Kick was launched in its beta version in December of last year and has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent months due to the controversies in which it has been involved, especially for the unauthorized transmission of the SuperBowl game and for the broadcast of pornographic content by one of its most popular streamers, Adin Ross.

Despite these controversies Kick has a weapon to attract content creators: money. The platform has begun offering million-dollar contracts to the most famous American streamers to create content on it. Some big names from the livestreams universe have already been attracted like Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed, Bruce, YourRAGE and Adin Ross himself.

that's right kick

One of the main draws of Kick for streamers is your revenue share. While Twitch and YouTube split revenue 50-50 and 70-30, respectively, Kick’s revenue split is 95-5, which means that 95% of the revenue generated by streamers goes directly to them.

In addition, Kick is also providing stakes in the company and millions of dollars to every streamer that joins their platform. This has led some content creators to seriously consider switching platforms and Twitch itself to consider increasing compensation.

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However, there are concerns about illegalities that have occurred on the platform and the Kick Disclaimer for Streamed Content for their streamers. Although money can be a great incentive for some, many streamers may not want to take the risk of being part of a platform that could face legal issues in the future.