This is Hype Chat, the new thing on Twitch for streamers to get more income


Twitch has just introduced Hype Chat as the new tool through which streamers (content creators) will be able to supplement their income by taking advantage of the need for followers to highlight their comments in front of others in chats at times when conversations They are at their peak.

Hype Chat will allow chat messages to be posted at the top of the conversations belonging to those who have been willing to pay a certain amount of money, and accordingly, they will have a duration, a number of characters, and a design.

The new revenue path for streamers

As Amazon’s own platform points out:

the more expensive they are, the longer they stay at the top of Hype Chat, the more characters they can have, and the more attractive designs they can adopt.

Streamers will be able to set a minimum amount within the range between $1 and $500, encouraging those interested to pay more to be able to stand out even among others who are also paying to pin their messages to the top of conversations. .

Complementing with other sources of income

Hype Chat will enable a new source of income for creators, being able to complement it with Bits, subscriptions and gift subscriptions, establishing a 70/30 split (70% for creators, 30% for Twitch)

This presentation comes at a time when the most direct rival, Kick, is making agreements with relevant streamers with quite large numbers in order to overshadow Twitch in an aggressive campaign that takes advantage of the discontent of many creators.

Initially for partners upon launch

For now, Hype Chat will be available to associated streamers once it launches, although Twitch promises to expand its availability to other streamers later, without specifying more about it.

With security measures to prevent abuse

And since there are possibilities of abuse by followers, Hype Chat will take advantage of the platform’s general security measures, although it also comes with its own measures.

In this regard, messages with prohibited words or phrases will not be allowed, messages from users who have been banned or temporarily deleted will be deleted, and AutoMod will even work by scanning messages and users of marked messages so that they do not complete purchases.

And as their own security measures, streamers and moderators will be able to delete messages considered harmful or undesirable, and even streamers will be able to set a minimum price of up to $100 and adjust them as they wish.

For the purchase of messages in Hype Chat, users can use the currencies of their countries.

More information: Twitch

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