This is how YouTube for Android lets you see comments when playing a video horizontally

So far the only way to view comments on a YouTube video It was with the mobile vertically, there was no way to see them horizontally. Up to now. After several months in testing, the YouTube application for Android has begun to activate this novelty for everyone.

Of course, this feature has a trick, since in order to see the comments or other information time while using the mobile horizontally we have to make a previous step with the mobile vertically, as we will see below.

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How to view comments on a YouTube video with your mobile horizontally

Currently it is still impossible to access the comments of a video that we are playing horizontally, but now Google has added a previous step that we can do with the mobile vertically.

Youtube Horizontal Comments

If we want to see the comments of a mobile while we play the video horizontally, the first thing we have to do is with the mobile vertically open the video comments and then without closing the comments rotate the mobile horizontally.

Youtube Horizontal Comments

In this way YouTube for Android will show us the comments in a new panel with the mobile horizontally. And as we see in the previous screenshots, the video will be displayed in a smaller window so that the comments or hide the video. So we can see the video along with your comments.

Youtube Horizontal Description

And the same goes for the description and play list of a video. If we show the description or list with the mobile vertically, it will continue to be shown when rotating the mobile horizontally. Before when we turned the mobile horizontally, the comments, description or the playlist disappeared.

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Youtube Horizontal Playlist

YouTube for Android is expected to add shortcuts in its horizontal playback to allow us to directly access the description and comments of a video to avoid having to put the phone vertically first.

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