This is how your teacher can catch you if you use ChatGPT in your work

this is how your teacher can catch you if you.jpg
this is how your teacher can catch you if you.jpg

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Your teachers were not born yesterday. If you have come to this article it is because you are possibly afraid of knowing if your teacher or tutor will discover that you have cheated using ChatGPT in your jobs or duties. You’ve come to the ideal place: here’s how to discover you.

The bad news we have for you is that your teacher is very likely to discover that you have turned to ChatGPT to do what you should have done yourself. After all, there are more and more students turning to AI and the teachers are preparing not to miss a single one. But the question is knowing how they will discover it to see if there is any way to prevent it.

Use of verification tools

This is the most basic thing that teachers do today. It has become a problem for them as it means they have extra work to do when they review homework. They may not check all the assignments that are submitted, but they will check those that arouse suspicion or those submitted by certain students to whom they have already “signed up.”

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In this case, what they do is use tools like GPTZero, a website that aims to detect any text that has been prepared by an AI. It is not the only option available And the truth is that, among the WhatsApp groups that teachers have, many alternatives and recommendations tend to circulate. But, in our case, we have used this tool to see if it is really useful or not. First of all, we have done a test with a text written by ourselves. This is actually the first paragraph of this article. And the result that the website has given us has been the following.

Negative test using the GPTZero website

As you can see, it says that there is only a 1% chance that it is a text written by AI, so everything indicates that it was done by a human. But we didn’t want to leave it there, and what we did was go to ChatGPT and tell it to rewrite that same text in its own way. Then we have taken it to GPTZero and we have tried again. What has he answered us? In this case, the percentage level considered to be AI has increased, although as it was a short text the truth is that the system detects it less. But in subsequent tests that we have carried out increasing the words rewritten by the AI, the result has been clear as you can see in the image.

Test positive with the GPTZero review website

Think that these tools are in the public domainso your teachers are sure to use them to make the relevant checks.

Search terms

Apart from a more elaborate system like the previous one, what teachers also know they have to do is look for specific words in the works presented by their students. The reason for this is that it is very likely that one of the students has forgotten to delete a comment from the AI. Surely you have read cases of people who have been caught because of this and it is not something that only happens among students, but has happened in companies and even governments.

ChatGPT apologizes for requesting offensive content

One of the standard comments that AI uses is to justify not being able to do something. He usually says things like he can’t answer, but that he is available to help you with other questions you need. There are different comments that ChatGPT uses depending on the moment. They are phrases that a teacher will read at work and will know perfectly well that they have been written by artificial intelligence. What’s more, many teachers already have a set of terms and words that they quickly search through papers to check whether they have AI text or not. After all, they also want to save time at work and doing a search can be the best method to discover you quickly.

The Trojan horse

This is a fascinating technique that many teachers are using and the truth is that It is quite difficult to detect. What teachers do is put two questions from the assignment and then leave a blank space between them. You may think that this is a way to give room to write the answer to the first statement, but the truth is that what teachers do is leave a phrase written in white font that, at first glance, is difficult to see.

It is true that, if the entire text of the work is copied and pasted into ChatGPT, the student will see that there is something written in that space that was blank in the document. But will he really notice? A lot of times students go fast because they want to finish as soon as possible and they don’t worry. Just copy, paste and press Enter so that ChatGPT is the one that answers the questions. Then they copy again, paste into the work delivery document and are satisfied because they are done in a matter of minutes. What they did not imagine is that, when the teacher receives the assignment, he will know that he has to look for a totally absurd phrase that the AI ​​has implemented with the Trojan horse technique. For example, we are talking about the Roman Empire and, in the middle, there is a sentence that says that Leo Messi scored a certain number of goals in his first year at Barcelona.

Great Trojan horse

With that, the student will have completely given himself away. It would be something that could be solve by reading the work before handing it in, but as many teacher testimonies confirm, it is very clear that their students do not invest time in it.

What do you think? It is obvious that, nowadays, using ChatGPT to do your work or summarize texts does not seem like a very good idea. Surely the first students who used AI when it was something unknown They took the lead, but at this time it is not a foolproof plan.



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