This is how you waste time on the Madrid Metro: the most insufferable transfers

Madrid metro slow transfer

If you are a regular traveler on the Madrid metro, you have surely experienced at some point the sensation of walking for endless minutes to change between lines. Today we will talk about the longer transfers and tedious in the city, those that can turn a journey into a real odyssey. If you are one of those who despair of endless corridors and endless escalators, avoid these stops or go with plenty of time!

Instagram account @Madrid_Secreto It is one of the most popular and fun in the Spanish capital. In it, images and curiosities about little-known corners of the city are shared, as well as recommendations for places to visit and experiences that you cannot miss in Madrid. In this case, they have given free rein to their imagination and have made the video that many have been waiting for: the worst subway transfers.

worst transfers madrid

The train expert (Helio Roque) has personally checked the four most excruciating transfers in the city to see which one takes the cake.

    • Nuevos Ministerios: 4 minutes and 50 seconds

«When you want to arrive, you are still alive or not«. Helium is not the only one who resembles transfer by torture. The user @noelia_lorite comments that «New Ministries it’s an escape room«. It is not one of those with the longest distance to travel, but if you are careless you can end up in a line that is not yours.

  • Acacias-Ambassadors: 4 minutes

It is the easiest and lightest transfer of these four. In just 4 minutes and with a walk without complications we will have left through Embajadores without any major problem.

  • Plaza de España-Noviciate: 4 minutes and 39 seconds
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Metro users recognize that it is a difficult transfer. It is not so much because of its distance, but because of the changes in stairs and corridors that must be made. Among the best descriptions of Helio is the feeling of “I would like to receive death«. Even so, it takes almost 5 minutes to get to the next train.

  • Diego de León: 8 minutes and 43 seconds

«I also know her as the bunker because there are only trenches, tunnels…. When it seems that you arrive, no, you have not arrived, you have reached 5 and there are more tunnels«. For Helio, the trip on the Metro has been a real torture. Despite the fact that he believed that the tiles on the walls were so that people would not be cramped, spending almost 10 minutes walking underground is not one of the most pleasant experiences. And less when you have to go to work.

Among the comments, user @chabelyer comments “In Diego de Leon It is faster to get out of the subway and enter through the other mouth what to do the transfer«. @tianyfarias also recognizes the work of this research work because “This information is useful to know how long it takes me, because Google Maps can say that it arrived in 20 minutes, but it does not add the 8 for the transfer«.

There is no doubt that it is the worst transfer of the Madrid metro. Will this count toward reaching 10,000 daily steps?

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