This is how you should configure the brightness of the Apple Watch now that the good weather arrives

This is how you should configure the brightness of the Apple Watch now that the good weather arrives
this is how you should configure the brightness of the

With the arrival of good weather, sunlight is more aggressive with the screen of mobile devices, since its incidence makes it not look as good. This is corrected by using a glow higher and is therefore something you should do on both the phone you use and your apple watch. We show you how to get it on the smart watch of the North American company.

Luckily, in the last generations of the smart watch we are talking about, those from Cupertino have taken the decision to increase brightness which is capable of issuing the integrated panel. And this is life insurance, especially now that summer is approaching and more time is spent away from home. Of course, you should know that increasing the power used makes the battery last less -since the Apple Watch screen becomes more demanding-. But the truth is that making this change is something that it is appreciated in the day to day.

Steps to increase the brightness of the Apple Watch screen

Doing this does not improve or worsen the performance offered by the smartwatch. The biggest change that you will notice is the one that we have commented before regarding autonomy, so your experience of use in what has to do with the using applications or navigating the menus of the operating system will be just as good as ever. Therefore, there is no critical hit if you decide to follow the instructions that we leave you below.

  • Go to the initial screen of the Apple Watch and, there, you must access the Settings of the wearable. The best way to do it is to slide your finger up on the clock screen and you will see the Control Center where you can access the section we are talking about.
  • Among the options that you will see, the one that you must choose by clicking on it is the one called Screen and Brightness. This allows you to enter the place where you can configure the parameter that allows you to see the screen better when there is a lot of light.

  • Look for Aspect and, just below, you will see that there are three options, you must choose the largest sun, which is the one that indicates that the most powerful brightness that the Apple Watch allows is used.
  • With what you have done, you have finished and surely the sun will not be a problem for you to see what is on the screen of the Apple smart watch.

obviously you can revert to previous settings at any time. Selecting the smallest sun will use very little brightness, which can be good in places where there isn’t much light. The intermediate option is the one that makes a balance between the power that is emitted with the energy consumption. And, perhaps, it is the one that suits you best in winter.