This is how you know if your phone or tablet can play the HDR content that Netflix has

This is how you know if your phone or tablet can play the HDR content that Netflix has
this is how you know if your phone or tablet

The quality of the screens offered by the phones or tablets has improved a lot. So much so, that there are many models that offer compatibility with HDR, so they allow you to see an excellent dynamic range of colors. And this is something very beneficial if you are one of those who watch movies and TV series. Netflix with these devices. We tell you what you have to do to find out if you can take advantage of this.

It is important that you know that, in addition to having a computer that includes a screen with sufficient quality to play content with HDR, it is necessary that Netflix recognizes it as such. To do this, it has a list created with the models it supports, which increases gradually. Therefore, knowing exactly whether or not you can take advantage of the high dynamic range is something that is not particularly easy at first. But luckily the application of the streaming platform has the information you need.

How to check in the Netflix app if there is support for HDR

Obviously, the first thing you have to do is have app installed and also have a Active account that makes it possible to access the contents of the platform, whether they are HDR or not. Once this is fulfilled, you must follow the instructions that we show you below to be sure whether or not you can fully enjoy the movies and series that exist on Netflix.

  • Once you are on the main page of the app, click on the icon of the profile you have created and then, in the upper right area, select Application settings by using the corresponding section.
  • You enter a new screen where you will see all the possibilities that exist to be able to leave the Netflix application exactly as you need. But, in this case, what you have to do is choose the section called Playback specifications (or similar).
  • Now you see all the information about it, ranging from the maximum resolution you can use to whether there is compatibility with HDR. And where is this seen? Well, it is just the final option that exists on the screen (it is called HDR Functions). If your terminal offers it, you will see it reflected, since it indicates even the type that it is possible to use.
  • It is that simple to check everything and once you have this information, you can already know if the colors you see on the screen of the phone or tablet offer the maximum precision.

An important detail: you shouldn’t worry in case you have to activate something to enjoy HDR when watching Netflix content on your devices when you leave home. If so, unless you have low image quality enabled, the most accurate color reproduction is taken advantage of by default.