This is how you can use transparent windows on Samsung phones

this is how you can use transparent windows on samsung phones
this is how you can use transparent windows on samsung phones

One UI, the interface of Samsung mobile phones, has a multitude of functions unknown to many users, such as transparent windows.


One of the biggest differences, if not the biggest, between the different brands of mobile phones in Spain is the use of different graphical interfaces . Xiaomi uses MIUI, although it has recently presented Hyper OS , vivo uses Funtouch and OPPO Color OS, to give some examples.

Samsung has been using One UI for years , one of the best-known options, in part because it is the best-selling mobile brand in Spain in recent times. This interface is in all its terminals, from the cheapest to the most powerful, but the options are usually the same.

One of them allows the user to put an application in a floating window that moves around the desktops and can also be transparent. And if necessary, it can be minimized on the side in the form of an icon to open it quickly without having to do anything more than press once on the screen.

Transparent floating windows

The floating windows function is not something exclusive to the Korean brand, but many users still do not know about this feature. To activate it, what you have to do is open the application and switch to multitasking , clicking on the square-shaped button in the lower bar or sliding for a long time from below on the screen if you have activated gestures.

In the multitasking window, click on the icon of the application that you want to send to the floating window, and select the Open in pop-up view option . At that point the window will shrink and float on the desktop. At the top there is a blue bar that shows the menus if you click on it.

In the menu that appears there are several buttons. The first, shaped like a computer window, changes the interface of that bar , and leaves it fixed, in case it is more comfortable to use. The second, with the split screen activates the multi-window, to have an application at the top and another at the bottom.

The third icon is the one that activates transparency. When you click on it, a scroll bar appears that can be moved to the left, decreasing the opacity of the window as desired. This allows you to see what is underneath it.

The fourth icon minimizes the app to an icon that can be placed anywhere on the screen, like the Android notification bubbles that few apps use. The fifth button does the opposite, and maximizes the app to view it full screen, as is normally done. Finally, the cross at the end allows you to close the application .


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