This is how you can turn your Android phone into a webcam in Windows 11

this is how you can turn your android phone into a webcam in windows 11
this is how you can turn your android phone into a webcam in windows 11

Having to purchase a webcam will depend a lot on the use we are going to give it on our computers, as it can be profitable or be a counterproductive expense. However, when we purchase a laptop, the webcams are usually not of good quality and, if we want to make a good impression in a video conference, it is important to have a device on hand that offers better viewing. Android phones are an alternative and here we tell you how to convert them into a webcam .

There is no doubt that webcam calls or work meetings through videoconferences have become one of the trends of many companies today to communicate with their employees in a quick and feasible way while they are teleworking. However, many users do not usually consider the idea of ​​purchasing a webcam when they have a computer, either because they do not need it on a regular basis or because the cost of a good camera is beyond their means.

On other occasions, we can count on a camera on our laptops whose quality is more than questionable and we can often get blurred when we have an online job interview or an important appointment first thing in the morning. To remedy this, there is the possibility of connecting the camera of your Android smartphone to Windows 11, so that you will notice a substantial improvement when it comes to showing your face in public.

Transform your mobile into a webcam

Setting up your Android phone as a webcam is very simple. Simply connect your smartphone via USB to the laptop or computer and on the phone screen select the USB configuration option to click on Manage and then on Webcam . In this simple way, the phone will become part of your computer as a webcam complement.

Next, find the Camera app on your PC in the bar next to the Start menu button and click on it. Then, view the camera swap icon in the upper right corner of the computer screen to switch to your smartphone.

From here you will have your mobile software up and running for any action you are going to take. In programs where the use of the webcam is required, you must adjust the relevant settings so that your mobile phone is displayed perfectly.

Use third-party applications

Now we are going to share with you the most used third-party apps in case the previous option does not work for you. In this case, DroidCam is one of the most popular, but you will have to install the application on both your PC and your Android smartphone to synchronize them.

Once we have installed them on our respective devices, we will start the application on Android to see the IP address of our WiFi and paste it in the computer version to connect both your PC and your mobile. Make sure the video and audio boxes are activated and then press the Start button. Now you can use your mobile phone as a webcam on your computer without any problem.

Finally, keep in mind that this program uses your WiFi to connect, so both devices must establish a connection to the same wireless point, although you can also use a USB cable so as not to depend on this form of connection.

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