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This is how you can schedule videos to post on TikTok

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TikTok logo. (photo: Ámbito)

There is a fine line between spontaneity and organization. A person can record spontaneous videos and then post them in an organized manner, as they get more views. For example, users can schedule their videos from TikTok so that they can be published whenever they want.

And while posting videos on TikTok is a simple task, as a channel grows more complex videos start to be created. And that comes at a cost of time and effort. Nobody wants this video to have almost no views because it was posted at the wrong time.

Therefore, consider planning your TikTok posts as soon as possible according to your potential audience. In this way you will get more visits and followers.

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In this sense, TikTok makes it easy to organize your posts. A convenient way to publish the video without having to be there to do it manually as videos are uploaded with a specific date.

Use company account to schedule TikTok videos

Now that you know the benefits of scheduling TikTok posts at a certain time on a specific date, let’s see how to do it.

To enable this feature you have to change a personal account to a business or content creator, as described by the company on its website.

Business accounts, according to TikTok, “are public profiles that allow to brands and companies use our marketing tools to create a cohesive business strategy on TikTok.” If it’s a person who just wants to post TikTok videos, this is not the best option to change account type.

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Schedule videos on TikTok.  (photo: Google/Jose Arana)
Schedule videos on TikTok. (photo: Google/Jose Arana)

To change the personal TikTok account you have to go to profile in the official application, click on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner, then in Settings and privacy > Manage account and finally, in Switch to business account. You have to click on Following to configure the category of the company, among other things.

Once you have signed up for TikTok business account, to schedule videos you have to go to the web version, available from any browser.

Once you open the link you will see a page to download TikTok videos. But with another option, the one that says Schedule video where it appears a date and time indicator. So instead of posting the video directly it will be saved on TikTok servers and It will not be visible to the public until the scheduled date.

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Schedule videos on TikTok.  (photo: Google/Jose Arana)
Schedule videos on TikTok. (photo: Google/Jose Arana)

Use an app to schedule TikTok videos

As long as TikTok doesn’t allow scheduling posts with personal accounts, you’ll have to switch to a third-party app. crowd fire Y hoot-suite are two of the most popular, although there are many more.

Both work from the browser and also They have official apps for iPhone Y Android. And although to unlock all its functions you have to pay a fee, for what you need the free account is enough.

Keep in mind that Crowdfire is limited to 10 simultaneous programs per account Y Hootsuite is at 5. On the other hand, they both support various social networks including TikTok.

CrowdFire.  (photo: Mobile News)
CrowdFire. (photo: Mobile News)

In this case, Crowdfire will be used to schedule TikTok posts, although with Hootsuite and other platforms the process is similar. To use this platform, you must check in. You can use an email address or account Facebook me Twitter.

After registration, you can start working with the platform. The first thing it will ask you to do is link to one of the accounts of Facebook, Twitter, pinterest either LinkedIn. It does not mention TikTok but it is inside the app.

You will then have access to the tool itself. Anger accounts and there you will see all the supported social networks and platforms. Among them, TikTok. Click on it and then on the button Connect your account. After permission is granted, TikTok will be configured with the Crowdfire account through another window.

Schedule videos on TikTok.  (photo: Google/Jose Arana)
Schedule videos on TikTok. (photo: Google/Jose Arana)

We will now move on to the scheduling section to schedule posts on TikTok. One or more accounts can be selected at the same time. You have to choose, obviously, TikTok. To download the video, click on the camera icon. then add a description and finally click on the dropdown menu to the left of the button Post at Best Time.

Crowdfire posts when it thinks is the best time, on its own. But if you prefer to control the date, choose the option Post at Custom Time. A calendar will appear so that a day of the month and/or the specific time can be marked.

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