This is how you can quickly delete folders in Windows 11

this is how you can quickly delete folders in windows.jpg
this is how you can quickly delete folders in windows.jpg

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It is possible that, since updating your operating system to Windows 11, you have noticed that some processes are not as fast as before. Microsoft has made changes and now, for example, delete folders in File Explorer It’s not that fast. Luckily, there are alternative methods you can try. Next, we will talk to you about it.

The changes that Microsoft usually introduces in the different versions of Windows can work out well or end up becoming a headache for users. In the case of the modifications that have been made to File Explorer, many of the opinions are not exactly positive. That’s why it’s good that we know alternatives to methods such as deleting folders.

Use the Command Prompt

There was a time when opening the Command Prompt was not exactly common. It was not necessary except in certain cases and, for the average user, it was something that was even unknown. But today we are encountering more and more situations we end up insince the actions we need to carry out only work from there.

Opening Command Prompt in Windows 11

In this case, we will start by opening the Command Prompt to start the tutorial. To do this, go to Start and then type the name of the tool in the search box. But instead of clicking directly with the left button, press the right button and select “Run as administrator.” Now leave the command window open and move between the folders on your computer again. Find the one you want to delete and right-click.

You do this because you want to copy the path of that folder since doing it by hand would end up being complicated and annoying. Therefore, among the options that open, select “Copy as path”. Now, we go back to the Command Prompt and type the following: cd “C: folder-that-you-have-copied.” Also, keep in mind that the letter C is the equivalent of your hard drive, but you may have a different letter. We write this to tell Command Prompt that we want go exactly to that folder.

Command to delete folders in Windows 11

Next, you have to type this command: del /f/q/s *.* > null. The last thing you have to do is write the command that will take you to permanently delete the folder. It is the following: rmdir /q/s folder-name. Change this part at the end for the name in question that the folder in question has. When you press the enter key you will have already done the deletion quickly and without having to suffer the problems that sometimes occur in File Explorer.

With a script and modifying the Registry

However, the previous method is not the only one available. We also have an alternative option that, however, requires a little more effort at first. In any case, when you have already configured it it will be a system you can turn to when you need it and, at that moment, it will no longer be so complicated. In other words, it is worth setting it up.

However, keep in mind that, as you have to enter the Windows Registry, you may not be interested in getting into trouble, at least if you do not have experience modifying this type of data. But keep reading and we will continue explaining what you need to know. The first step, although it may sound a little strange right off the bat, is to open a new Notepad file and put all the text that you can see in the screenshot we have taken.

Code delete folders in Notepad

To save the file you have to avoid saving it with its .txt extension. Therefore, select the one that ends in .bat in the list of extensions. The file name is the least important, although it is interesting that it is something that you can recognize or identify with the quick erase method. Therefore, you could save it as quick_delete.bat.

Now you have to go to Start and search for “Registry Editor”. The system will ask you for administrator permissions to enter, so give it to them. Then you will have the Registry screen, in which you must write the following path: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshell. That It will take you directly to the folder in which you want to make the changes and this way you will not have to navigate until you find it, since it is usually a slow process. When you enter the path you will already have the Shell folder selected, so right click and choose New and then in the following drop-down menu: Key.

Editing registry in Windows 11

You have to give the new key the same name that you used before, so in the example you should write Quick delete. Then save and repeat the process by selecting that folder that has been created with the name “Quick Erase”. The next key will have to be named command and, once in it, notice that on the right there is an icon that says “Default”. Double-click and in the Value field type the following: cmd /c «cd %1 && quick_delete.bat».

By doing this you will have edited the registry and added a new function to delete the folders you want. Next, all you have to do is go to the folder you want to delete, right-click and, among the options, look for the one known as “Quick Delete.” That will make the folder be removed at maximum speed and that you can save time, avoid problems and reduce effort. Reuse that function that you added to the registry whenever you need it.

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