This is how you can get rid of the habit of looking at your phone every now and then

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How many times do you unlock your phone each day or look at the screen to see your notifications? Although no one likes to admit it, we live too attentive to our smartphone. In some cases it may be justified, but often it is not. What if there was a way we could get rid of the habit of looking at our phones all the time? In the next few lines, we will tell you how you can do it.

As much as X is becoming more and more a problematic social network, the truth is that from time to time it continues to leave us some interesting discoveries. Today we talk to you about the disconnection method that a user has shared and that, as you will see, has many possibilities of making a difference when it comes to providing you with that rest that you may need.

A simple method

What Matt Gray proposes is that we put the Grayscale Mode method into practice. At first glance, it can be quite crazy. The simple way to explain it is to say that what you are going to do is configure your terminal to displayed in black and white. And you might think that the trick of the method in question is that you feel uncomfortable while using your cell phone and that, in one way or another, you end up using it less.

But, in reality, it is not that simple. The idea is different and, as we will explain to you later, it is more related to the way in which our phone enchants us without us, in many cases, realizing it. But, as we say, keep reading to find out what you have to do if you also want to be a little less a slave to your mobile device.

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This is how you can configure it


It is more than likely that you have never in your life considered that your mobile phone had a mode in which you could use it in black and white. So that? It is obvious that this is not a feature that comes to mind and the truth is that its presence is aimed at people who need to configure it due to force majeure. But it can also be a suitable way to free yourself from dependency to your smartphone.

Holding the mobile phone horizontally

What happens if you activate black and white mode is that the stimulus that your cell phone sends to the brain is considerably reduced. The “brightness” and colors of applications and other elements on the screen no longer affect you in the same way. It doesn’t generate that much attraction for you and, for the same reason, you do not receive the increases in dopamine that you are used to with your cell phone. Because of this, you are not as dependent or addicted to checking your phone every now and then.

Once we have explained what it is for, now we are going to tell you how you have to configure it. The process is much simpler than you could imagine, so don’t worry because you can do it in a simple way. On the iPhone you have to enter the Settings menu and then go down to Accessibility. When you are inside, tap on the third option, the one with the “Screen and text size” text. Once there, scroll down to “Color Filters” and tap to enter and change it, since it will be marked “No.” Activate the tab and that will automatically put everything into grayscale mode. There are different filters that you could activate, but for the objective we are looking for, you will have to have it in black and white. Then you will just have to come back and you will have it configured.

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On Android the process is similar: Enter Settings, then Accessibility, now access the Display menu and the Text and display section. In the next step you just have to enter Color Correction and there select the Grayscale option. When you activate it, it will apply to absolutely everything, both the menus and the applications you have such as YouTube, Netflix or any other tool.

Finally, the author of the publication opens a debate about whether it is a good idea or not create a shortcut that allows you to connect and disconnect the Grayscale mode depending on the moment. Their point of view is that it is not recommended, since having a way to switch between the two settings so easily will cause you to relapse quickly and go back to where you were before.