This is how you can configure My Citizen Folder alerts to renew your DNI, ITV or driving license

this is how you can configure my citizen folder alerts.webp.webp.webp
this is how you can configure my citizen folder alerts.webp.webp.webp

If there is an essential application for save you queues and procedures with the public administration, that is My Citizen Folder. In it you will find more than 50 social benefits available and counting, because a few days ago it has been renewed with new features such as downloading the registry or the history of municipalities where you have lived, among others.

Precisely among the new features that we are going to find in the latest update is that of customizing the calendar alarms, a very useful function so that such important procedures as renew your ID or driving license and pass the ITV: This is how they are configured.

Alert configuration in My Citizen Folder

First of all, a reminder: it is not enough to download and install the My Citizen Folder application on your mobile phone, which you will find for free. in App Store for iOS and on Google Play Store for Android, but it is also required to have the Digital Certificate, PIN Code, Permanent Code or electronic DNI installed to verify our identity and thus be able to access documents or procedures within the app.

However, if you use the application frequently, you can configure app access via biometricsthat is, with your fingerprint or your face, to speed up this process.

Once we are inside, we can configure the new alerts to renew the DNI up to three months before or pass the ITV one month in advanceideal for busy people who need a little more time to organize these procedures that normally have a queue if you leave it until the last minute.

We go to the section of ‘Settings‘ from the menu at the bottom and there we touch on ‘Notice configuration‘. This screen distinguishes two types of configuration: a general one to select settings for all notifications and a specific one to choose option by option, for example to configure push notifications, email or both and also the frequency.


Thus, in the General configuration We can activate the toggles that interest us and also when we want the two notices that we are going to receive. Thus, for example, we could choose push and email notices (adding them previously) and have the first notice be a month before and the second one a day before. By doing this, this would be the pattern for all your notices.

However, there are procedures that cost more than others, so perhaps we prefer that the first notice take place earlier, hence the Specific Configuration, which you will find by scrolling down.


If we enter for example in ‘Edited‘ In the specific DNI notice, a menu similar to the previous one will be displayed where you can mark or not the form of notice and the frequency.

In the specific configuration you can customize the alerts for your DNI, Electronic DNI, ITV, passport, driving license and previous appointments in general. Whatever you configure, remember to tap on ‘Keep‘ for the changes to take effect.

My Citizen Folder

Created by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, it facilitates citizens’ relationships with Public Administrations in a simple and agile way from a single place.

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