This is how we will go from 5G to 6G, but there is still a long way to go

this is how we will go from 5g to 6g,
this is how we will go from 5g to 6g,

5G to 6G evolution

5G in Spain took a long time to arrive, but in the end it did. Although, for its rapid expansion, operators such as Movistar, 4G base stations were equipped with the DSS technology (Dynamic Spectrum Share) to reach a pseudo 5G. In any case, with each passing year, we are closer to 6G. And this is the transition that we will see over the years.

In addition, another factor that we must take into account is that most of the current mobile networks that use this fifth generation network are 5G NSA and not 5G SA, the true mobile network that we were promised in its day. Although, we are getting closer. Therefore, we are going to know the long way that we still have to go until we reach the famous 6G.

The beginnings and 5G today

at the beginning of deployment of 5G in SpainAs we mentioned, in order to increase the rate of expansion of this network in our country, it was initially decided to take advantage of the 4G mobile network stations.

In this way, to go progressively from 4G to 5G, the opportunity was taken to go adding 5G NR carriers (New Radio) to 4G connections to achieve higher speed, giving rise to the well-known 5G NSA. However, at that time, we were still a long way from truly enjoying this connection.

5G carriers

Now, at present, we see how operators have started the band of 700MHzwhich can be use for 5G SA. So we are closer to enjoying all the benefits of this mobile network. In addition, with the use also of the frequency bands of 26GHz and 3.5 GHz, it will also be possible to advance in the installation of antennas, repeaters and the rest of the infrastructure necessary for 5G SA.

However, an important detail that must be taken into account is that, even though the operators have begun to turn your 5G NSA into SA, DSS technology will be with us much longer. In any case, in the remainder of the year and for the future, we will see how the deployment of 5G SA evolves.

When will 6G arrive?

So, if we have not yet fully implemented 5G SA in Spain, when will 6G arrive in our country? Although we already know what the roadmap operators have in mind will be, there is still a lot to do along the way. According to the data of the telephone companies, it is estimated that the application of the 6G mobile network will reach from the year 2026.

6G networks

However, that will not be the date on which its deployment will begin, it is only the date that they have planned for the first applications of this mobile technology to begin to appear. For this very reason, 2030 has been set as the year in which it will begin to be implemented.

So, first of all, we have to wait for manufacturers to bet on this mobile network once its launch is confirmed. As happened with 5G and the compatible mobile phones. More than anything, because after years, there are many users who do not even enjoy a smartphone compatible with this mobile network. In addition, there is no need to rush, since we have not even been able to enjoy the true benefits of 5G and, therefore, there are still several years until the deployment of 6G.

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