This is how they can scam you with AI in a phone call without you realizing it: the simple step to detect it

this is how they can scam you with ai in.jpg
this is how they can scam you with ai in.jpg

The number of phone scams that use voices generated by artificial intelligence is increasing, but it is possible to detect them early.

Telephone calls are one of the methods used in Spain by criminals to carry out scams, and artificial intelligence and his ability to recreate voices can make things even more complicated when it comes to detecting them. In the United Kingdom, according to the latest data from Moneyzine, one in twelve people has already suffered one of these scams.

This type of technology can be quite realistic, and this is causing criminals to take advantage of it to impersonate people that the victims know and thus ask for money pretending to be those people. From the comparator they offer some advice to avoid falling into this and other types of telephone scams that use AI, whether posing as a known person or not.

According to research carried out by McAfee, 95% of people surveyed I wouldn’t know the difference between a real voice and one created with an AI generative, so it is important to keep a few things in mind. This can also apply to phone scams where a person is on the other end of the phone.

If commercial calls are requested by the user to find out about a product or service, there is no reason to be suspicious. However, if information has not been requested by giving the telephone number recently, You don’t have to trust too much if the number is unknown, that’s right from the start.. A good way to make these types of unwanted calls less frequent is to sign up for the Robinson list. This is a free and extremely simple process with which you will no longer receive commercial calls from companies that have not been provided with the telephone number.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the companies from which a product has been contracted, such as, for example, The bank or the electricity supplier will not ask for sensitive data over the phone.. When they do, it is best to be suspicious and ask them to contact you through other means, such as the application or email.

A user answers the phone.

In case this call results in receiving an email to fill out a form, it is extremely important to verify the address and the domain from which they are sent. There are times when criminals use emails that may resemble that of the company they pose as. The same thing happens when you click on a link provided by a sender who does not seem to be who he says he is, and you have to check that the web address is the original one to avoid falling into a case of phishing.

If you have been the victim of a telephone scam attempt, you can be of great help to other users report on the internet the malicious intentions of a specific number. There are specialized websites where this type of feedback can be given, such as . Staying informed about the latest news about phone scams and cyber attacks can also help you spot them, as well as informing other people about possible dangers, as this can help them.

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