This is how the ultra-resistant Crosscall Core X5 mobile and Core T5 tablet are [Vídeo]

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The French brand Crosscall, specialized in rugged devices (that is, ultra resistant), has launched new models of its line of smartphones and tablets. At TreceBits we have been able to test the Core T5 tablet and the Core X5 mobile, -will they enter our ranking of the best mobile phones on the market so far in 2022?- and we tell you everything you need to know about them in the video of today:

Both devices are announced with a very clear main feature: physical resistance. First of all, both the tablet and the mobile reach the IP68 sealing standard, which is the highest level of protection against the infiltration of dust particles and liquids.

The French brand Crosscall has launched its new highly durable devices designed for the most hostile work environments

To this we must add that the glass of the screens are Gorilla Corning Glass resistant to falls of two meters in height. The set, both of the mobile and the tablet (which seem to be the same device, only of different sizes), is closed with a robust body that denotes hardness. In our tests, both the tablet and the mobile have been subjected to water, dust and falls and have escaped unscathed.

As for the technical specifications, both the T5 and the X5 share a processor, the Snapdragon 665, which is already being noticed over time. It is accompanied by 3 GB of RAM in the case of the tablet and 4 GB in the case of the mobile. This means that they are not high-performance devices, but, as already mentioned, the strong point of the two terminals is their strength and durability.

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Both devices include Android 11 upgradable to 12, and the manufacturers promise up to three years of official updates. An interesting and differentiating point is the X-LINK system, a magnetic coupling that is located on the back of the devices and that allows various accessories to be attached to them; hooks, covers, etc…

The Core T5 tablet can be found for 649.90 euros, while the Core X5 mobile has a somewhat lower price of 549.90 euros.