This is how the new Magic Leap RA glasses are for professionals and companies


Magic Leap has just announced that Magic Leap 2, its new generation of enterprise-grade AR (augmented reality) glasses, is already on sale, reaching the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, some markets of the European Union, including Spain, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in three different editions: Magic Leap 2 Base, Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro, and Magic Leap 2 Enterprise.

By the end of the year they will also go on sale in Japan and Singapore, according to the statement.

This is the new generation of augmented reality devices that stands out for being 50% less bulky and 20% lighter than the previous generation, and where optical advances have also been included to guarantee better image quality, better reliability color and better readability of texts.

In addition, it also offers a wider viewing angle, up to 70° diagonally, compared to other AR devices, and even incorporates an innovative dynamic dimming technology that allows a better view of the brightest physical environments, facilitating the integration of the virtual elements in these spaces.

The performance is provided by the quad-core AMD Zen 2 processor, also having a 12.6MP main camera accompanied by other cameras for depth, eye tracking and field of view, also having 256 GB of storage, the largest seen in a device with these characteristics, plus an autonomy that reaches three and a half hours.

Already used in different types of industries

It should be noted that these devices are not aimed at final consumers, as can already be inferred from their prices, focused on professionals and companies that can amortize the investment, whether they are from sectors such as medicine (remember the association with healthcare companies earlier in the year), product manufacturing, retail, and even defense as well.

To get an idea, the base edition will start at US$3,299. Precisely, for the base edition, they point out that:

Magic Leap 2 Base edition is best for standalone use by professionals and developers who want access to the most immersive augmented reality device available.

Companies such as Cisco, SentiAR, NeuroSync, Heru, Taqtile, PTC and Brainlab have already had access to this device as part of the early access phase, giving it uses such as training, communication and remote assistance in clinical environments, industrial environments, defense and stores. retailers.

During all this time, Magic Leap has made the necessary improvements and optimizations to now reach its official launch in its best possible state.

More information: Magic Leap

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