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This is how Strava works, the largest app and social network for sports monitoring

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If it is taken into account that athletes and sportsmen can be connected to watches with heart rate meters, global positioning and fitness trackerit is clear that today is where there is more data than ever.

And precisely to compile these data and statistics, many applications for Android and iOS mobiles can be found in their respective virtual stores, and Without a doubt, one of the most complete options is Strava..

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In case you have never heard of Strava, it is a social network that focuses on tracking people’s exercise and fitness. Among the main things that Strava allows you to do, you can record training, run analyzes and monitor the progress of each one, compete with friends and other users of the platform worldwide, among other things.

The interesting thing is that although it initially emerged as an app dedicated solely to running and cycling, Strava was able to expand more and more, since today it supports more than 40 different types of trainingranging from swimming, weight training and skiing, to soccer, golf, windsurfing and much more.

What are the features of Strava

What are the features of Strava

– Social network: Unlike other fitness applications, perhaps the most interesting thing about Strava is that users are allowed to post photos, videos, workouts and the possibility of interacting with the rest of the people who use the app.

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Currently the number is more than 100 million users in 195 countriesso it’s clear how important its strong social component is.

– Recording of activities: Users have the possibility of record exercises directly from the app.

– Compatibility with other devices: It is possible to connect to Strava from other compatible devices, like many GPS, smart watches and heart rate monitors.

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– Beacon function: Using the Beacon function, Strava users can share a URL with whoever they want so they can track your activity and location in real time.

Strava is a totally free download app, with many useful tools for all types of athletesalthough if you want to go further, there is the premium version that of course has many more things to offer.

Functions such as training log, goal setting, heart rate and power analysis, route planning, personal heat maps and much more can be found in this version of Strava, which offers first a 30-day free trial and then an upgrade for 7.99 euros per month (it can also be 5 euros per month if billed annually).

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