This is how Kick wants to curry favor with creators unhappy with Twitch’s policies


In the last few hours, the open war between the streaming platforms Twitch and Kick has been increasing through an aggressive campaign on social networks by the latter.

And it is that Kick, the emerging alternative with functionality similar to Twitch, is taking advantage of the recent changes in Twitch’s brand content policies, which have come to bother many content creators so much due to how restrictive they are, trying to earn the favor of content creators, even going so far as to promise that they they will pay the fine of 25 dollars for termination of the affiliation contract with Twitch as long as they become part of its platform.

In troubled river, profit for Kick

Twitch watching the commotion generated, to the point that the streamer Mr Beast has promised to stream from Kick as a protest, even with the approval of Elon Musk, he has chosen to pick up the cable and soften the situation, pointing out that there has been a misunderstanding in the changes in his brand policies.

Despite this, Kick continues his offensive against Twitch by promising a new financing system whereby, even if streamers have few subscribers (subs), they will earn money both per hour and per advertising.

Kick and its most favorable conditions for creators

To this is added that there are brands that have already shown their willingness to support creators who become part of Kick, favoring the use of this alternative platform instead of Twitch, belonging to Amazon.

Kicks establishes a 90/10 income ratio in favor of content creators, and does not have the level of restrictions that Twitch has been following for some time, and that has been expanding along the way to become an option less desirable to carry out transmissions.

We will see how far this situation will take, which is getting out of hand for Twitch, despite the fact that Twitch became the favorite option for many streamers when they saw that YouTube was closing their possibilities, carrying out their migration to the Amazon platform.

Historical rebellions of user communities on the Internet

Now it is Kick who is trying to show off his chest, taking advantage of the anger of many of the creators of Twitch. The truth is that it is not the first time that a stir of users has been seen to the point, in extreme cases, of making the platform disappear.

This is what happened at the time with Digg with some controversial changes that generated the flight of users towards other platforms, although Reddit is not far behind, having a history of rebellions, and is currently observing how its new policies with the ones it will try to go public may also lead to the abandonment of many large communities in favor of alternative options, while developers complain about the new prices for the use of their APIs as excessive.

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