This is how I prepared myself for my next race and I only needed a cell phone, a watch and some headphones

this is how i prepared myself for my next race and i only needed a cell phone, a watch and some headphones
this is how i prepared myself for my next race and i only needed a cell phone, a watch and some headphones

You are probably used to a technological article, but I am going to give you a more holistic vision.

A couple of months ago Samsung invited me to participate in the #SamsungGo challenge . A challenge in which we have prepared to run a popular race in Madrid that will take place on April 28. To get to the race in the best conditions, we have the help of the AD Mapoma club and some wonderful coaches who guide us and schedule the training sessions to complete the challenge.

To do this, they provide us with the Galaxy ecosystem, using the S24 Ultra, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and the Galaxy Watch 6. I can tell you that I have become a huge fan of Samsung Health!

Perfect for my daily life

As you know, the focus on health has been one of the great focuses of attention by most technology brands. As an athlete, in recent years I have tried all types of wearables, always looking for the most accurate measurements and the most comfortable device.

When the Galaxy Watch 6 arrived , I was surprised by its comfort and style. With it, I can not only receive all my notifications, but I can also measure all my workouts with great accuracy. Completely adapting to my lifestyle.

Like many of you, from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed, I am on the move, but every day in my life is different. Some days I train a sport, other days, others. There are also days when I don’t leave the office and others I don’t have time to train, but I take the opportunity to walk a lot. When I go to sleep I am interested in resting enough hours and having quality sleep, so that it is restful and allows me to perform at my best the next day. And, in this, the Galaxy Watch 6 has helped me a lot to understand how my body works.

In addition, through the Samsung Health application, I have been able to access all kinds of information related to my health at any time from the data on my watch and my S24 Ultra.

Always ready to train

We all know that exercising is essential. But other factors, such as the level of hydration due to the rate of sweating or how many sleep cycles you manage to complete during the night, also play an important role in how you feel and your performance, both physical and cognitive. And how can we obtain this information?

The Samsung smartwatch that I am using has not only surprised me with the depth of the metrics. But also for the simplicity of its interface. Generally, when we do running training , we are used to any device telling us the pace at which we are going for each kilometer, the heart rate we have, or the route we have taken, among other things. But this smartwatch goes much further, giving us more advanced metrics, such as stride length, stability, asymmetry and other parameters that provide us with very valuable information to improve our running technique. All this thanks to the large number of sensors that it incorporates and that collect our information without us realizing it.

All this data, together with caloric expenditure, has allowed me to adapt my diet to meet my needs and reduce both fatigue and the chances of suffering an injury. In addition to this, after exercise, it gives me an estimate of the amount of water I should drink to recover. Easy, right?

Having used many other devices for sports, I think the Samsung one is quite accurate. And, as a point to highlight, I would mention comfort. You put it on and forget you’re wearing it, it’s even comfortable to sleep with.

I’m looking forward to the race and completing the #SamsungGo challenge!


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