This is how I have saved almost 300 euros on a MacBook thanks to Amazon returns

this is how i have saved almost 300 euros on
this is how i have saved almost 300 euros on

Finding balances on Amazon is difficult if you don’t know where to look. For this reason, returns stores that sell Amazon products at bargain prices are becoming so fashionable. The problem is that we have to physically move, stand in line and pray that they really have the product we want to buy. Luckily, it’s not hard to find second-hand bargains that have been returned to Amazon and save a lot of money without going anywhere. In my case, this is how I have saved almost 300 euros on a MacBook thanks to Amazon returns.

Amazon returns are a huge problem for the company (and any other platform that sells products). Thanks to the laws that we have, we have a period in which to return the merchandise without any justification, as long as it is done in good condition. From there, the companies they must manage those returns and they have several options: sell them back as new, sell them as used, or get rid of them if they are not in optimal condition.

The latter is quite rare and the first two options are always tried. Selling it as new is complicated if the product has been opened, even if it was only to inspect what is inside. Therefore, the second possibility is the most optimal for all parties. In the case of the online commerce giant, it sells the returned products again in a special store that it hides on its website and which is called Amazon Warehouse.

Beware of returns, they are not all the same

In my case, I was looking for a MacBook to renew my old laptop that no longer gave itself. On the official Apple website, the MacBook Air with the M2 chip is sold for €1,519. Really, I was willing to pay that amount, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to do an internet search to try and get better prices.

Knowing that Apple laptops rarely drop in price, I began looking for deals, bargains and discounts with little success until I remembered that Amazon sold returned products. So I headed to Amazon Warehouse and searched for this computer. To my luck, I found it for 1,286 euros, that is, more than 200 euros than Apple’s official price.

Here we must be careful since not all the products in this section of Amazon are in the same state. In the product file we must look at the area that indicates “Second-hand:” along with a description. In my case, “like new” and clicking on more details indicates that “The item is in its original packaging, but the packaging is damaged.”

The problem is that not all items are “like new”, we have “Very good”, “Good” or “Acceptable”. In the details of each product they will indicate the exact state. The great advantage is that we will always have a few days to see it and test it, and then decide what we do with it. And yes, it is true that the new product has a discount on Amazon, but I have managed to lower the price more thanks to the returns.

And the guarantee? Well, as Amazon indicates: “All Amazon warehouse items are covered by a legal guarantee.”hence we can be calm since we will be insured as when we buy a new product.

By the way, you can probably find this computer on second-hand websites for less money, but I don’t play it in this case. I prefer to buy a product “like new” on a platform like Amazon where I can return it without problems and which guarantees me a series of legal protections that we do not have in other cases (purchases from individuals, for example).

This MacBook Air 2022 case with almost 300 euros discount is just one of the options we have at Amazon Warehouse with returns. It is enough to take a tour to see what we can get, the price and the state of that product.

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