This is how I accessed the WhatsApp beta on Android when it appeared complete

this is how i accessed the whatsapp beta on android.webp.webp.webp
this is how i accessed the whatsapp beta on android.webp.webp.webp

I do all kinds of tricks on my WhatsApp for testing, so I uninstall and install it, beta and stable versions, frequently. Last time it occurred to me that it would be easier to exit the beta program to return to the stable one and I got a nasty surprise when I later tried to go back: WhatsApp beta program was full.

I can always continue installing each new update from its APK, but with new versions arriving almost every day, this is not very optimal. Fortunately, I managed to return to the WhatsApp beta program And the truth is that in the end it wasn’t too difficult.

If there is no space, it is done

Application beta programs on Google Play They have a limited number of positions, so if there is a lot of interest they end up filling up. The Android Auto slot, for example, has been full for years now and there are rarely free slots left. More or less the same thing happens with WhatsApp.

Whoever went to Seville lost his chair and whoever leaves a beta program loses his position and has to fight to find it again, as happened to me. Nowadays, WhatsApp beta program is fullas you can see opening this web address.


The message that the beta program is complete

In the past there was a trick to enter full beta programs, but nowadays even if you go directly to that address, the program it kept appearing to me as full.

After messing around with the page a bit and switching between users, at one point it even showed me the button to join the beta, but my joy ended at the bottom of the hole because when I pressed the button the initial message that the program is full was displayed again. False alarm.


If you’re lucky you’ll see this and be able to join the beta directly from Google Play. I wasn’t lucky.

Luckily, there’s an app for that: Beta Maniac. Beta Maniac is an application that connects to your Google account and Constantly check which installed applications have a beta programas is the case of WhatsApp.

After opening the WhatsApp information, there was the button I was waiting for: Become a tester (from WhatsApp, not in a clothing store, of course). When I pressed it, everything went well this time: it just joined the beta program.


Apparently Beta Maniac is more reliable for joining beta programs that are very full than Google’s own website and is basically the only option in cases like Android Auto, which has been full for years. If there really is no room, the application It can alert you with a notification when there is a gap. So, you’ll have to hurry to get in before anyone else.

For me, lesson learned: Best not to exit beta programs for apps that I may want to join again later. Especially considering that it is even possible to install an older version of WhatsApp without losing data.

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