This is how Google Maps will help you maintain a safe distance on public transport

Maps Metro Busy
this is how google maps will help you maintain a

Since the pandemic and the new normal began, the team of Google maps has not stopped adding new features in its application to allow us move more safely, such as the COVID-19 incidence layer or seeing how busy a supermarket is from the map.

In the new update, they reach Google Maps for Android more tools to help us navigate and explore our environment, especially for people who use the public transport

The influx of public transport

A couple of years ago, Google Maps began to show the influx of passengers in public transport, a feature that now with the pandemic the company has not stopped improving to help passengers maintain a safe distance.

Traffic flow predictions are already in place available in more than 10,000 metro, bus and train agencies in 100 countries, which include the most popular cities in Spain.

Maps Metro Busy

When calculating a route we can see how crowded each line is, in order to be able to choose the time or the subway with fewer people. The prediction will tell us how busy said stop is usually at each hour of the day. In addition, with the option ‘Number of people’ we can tell Google Maps if there were many people inside the subway, three or bus that we had taken.

In New York and Sydney, the Google Maps team is testing public transport concurrency in real time. In the future they will expand this new feature in more cities.

The new statistics for your timeline

So that we are aware of how we spend our time, Google Maps activates the new statistics of the chronology to everyone. In this new section you can see how you get around and the time to spend in different places, such as shops, restaurants, airports, etc …

Remember your past trips

In the chronology Google Maps also launches the new tab for all users Travels, which allows us to remember all the trips we have made, consulting each of the sites we have visited.

More detailed reviews

Finally, and for the moment only available in the United States, there are some new more detailed reviews In which, in addition to your assessment, you can share other useful information in a simple way such as price ranges, if you received food to arrive, home delivery, etc … This novelty will arrive in other countries soon.

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