This is how Android 15 is going to change the way you use your mobile

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movil sujetado mujer android 15.jpg

A woman holds a mobile phone with Android 15 on the screen

Followers of the Google operating system were looking forward to this moment: the first Developer Preview version It is now available and demonstrates what the path forward will be in the coming months. In 2024, the goal with Android 15 is to impose its authority more forcefully against the iPhone. And it doesn’t seem like they’re going wrong.


The show that Android makes us participate in every year has already begun. Its about path towards the release of a new version of the operating system that makes your mobile update in style and can access additional functions.

Google puts all the meat on the grill

With the availability of the first Developer Preview version, the path that Android 15 will take begins until it is in the hands of all users. The second developer version will appear in March and will bring another dose of improvements. That will be followed by a minimum of four betas until this process ends around August. After that, there will only be the launch of the final stable version, which could occur at the beginning of October if we look at what happened in 2023.

Timeline showing what the progression of Android 15 will be


As all these versions appear, we will find a more defined, solid operating system and with more functions. But the most important thing of all is that, since this first developer version, improvements are being seen. What has already been introduced in Android 15?

New things are still being discovered

The first Developer Preview It was launched a few hours ago and developers and experts are still diving inside it to discover all its secrets. At the beginning, all versions of Android take it easy because Google knows that it is a long-distance race and that we have to reach October with the best possible edition of the operating system.

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For now, developers are testing both the new features and whether their apps work correctly on the platform. Of course, it is still early to look for stability and it is expected that errors and problems will be found in its use. But that, really, is not that important. The fundamental thing now is to see what kind of features are being added.

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Android 15

February 17, 2024 • 11:01


In this February version, one of the new features that has been incorporated is a notification cooldown. This consists of the volume of notifications is reducing progressively as soon as you receive more than one of the same application. This new feature can be applied to all notifications, to none, or to those that correspond to conversations. And that last point is where Android has given us joy, since the noise that accumulates when someone fills your phone with messages in certain messaging apps is usually quite annoying.

With this type of thing, Google once again shows that, sometimes, the best news is the simplest. Another new feature incorporated is a setting that allows you to control the keyboard’s haptic system to, for example, make a global configuration for all apps without having to go application by application. That way, while you are typing you will not receive the tone, which is usually quite annoying. It may seem like an unimportant novelty, but the interesting thing is that the disconnection, as we indicated, works in a general way.

Android 15 logo published by Google with green background

That means that you won’t have to disable it in all applications and that this setting available in the Android options menu It will overlap anyone in the apps. It may be a good feature to take into account in the future in search of the convenience that Google always bets on. Another addition is a system that allows partial screen sharing. With this new feature, it is possible to specify which application is going to be shared and thus not have to share the entire screen globally.

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As we indicated, we are still at the beginning of Android 15 and it is most likely that, in the coming hours, days and weeks, more features will be discovered. Besides, The second version will arrive in March from developers that will have more functions and other new features.