This is Google’s new operating system for old Macs and PCs

Brian Adam

Google wants to take Chrome OS beyond the current proposal with a new version that promises to give our old PCs and Macs a new life.

This is Chrome OS Flex, an operating system that can work on computers with limited resources. An initiative that is designed for schools and companies.


Chrome OS Flex, Google’s operating system for older computers

We will not find surprises in the interface and functions of Chrome OS Flex, since it has the same style and tools of Chrome OS. And of course, we will have some of Google’s services within this proposal, such as Chrome or Google Assistant.

And without forgetting one of its great advantages is that most of its functions and dynamics can be managed from the cloud, as described in its presentation:

Try Chrome OS for PC and Mac, which is cloud-first, fast, easy to manage, and secure. Chrome OS Flex is a free and sustainable way to modernize the devices you already own.

Other features highlighted by the Google team is that it can run smoothly even on older PCs and Macs, with fast startup and no performance issues. Of course, as long as they meet the minimum requirements that Chrome OS Flex requires, which are 4GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and an Intel or AMD x86 64-bit processor.

Depending on your team’s resources, they might have more or less features, but would be fully functional with the minimum requirements. What users who opt for this version will not find is the possibility of installing Android apps, it will no longer have the Play Store.

Chrome OS Flex is free, and those who want to try this new operating system (by way of early access) just have to go to this link and follow the steps detailed by the Google team.