This is going to be my next favorite app to listen to music on my mobile

Relaxed boy listening to music

Before the end of the year, the app to listen to music that I have been waiting for for a long time will arrive on iOS and Android mobile devices. longer than you can imagine. In fact, you’d be scared to know how long I’ve been waiting for her. But after a long beta process, it seems that she is already very close.

If you are very young, it may not sound familiar to you. But Winamp has historically been one of the most important programs, at least in times past, to listen to music. Before the world of streaming music came on the scene, and even before we listened to songs on YouTube, what we did was use this software with the intention of playing our favorite songs. Now its mobile version is coming.

More than two decades waiting

Over the years, Winamp has been a name that, to a greater or lesser extent, has never gone away. After all, the program has continued to be installed on our computer even though we were aware that Its use was no longer so relevant. The company in charge of it, Llama Group, has also looked for ways to survive. This has led them to change the business and fully immerse themselves in the world of streaming, although, for now, without much relevance.

Winamp classic version

Perhaps, for this reason, they maintain live the essence of your program. The mobile version, without a doubt, should have arrived much sooner. It would have been curious to use it to play songs in MP3 format or any other type of file or even to dust off the legendary MIDI that we used when Internet connections worked “on pedals.”

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This is what the mobile app will be like

The debut of Winamp on mobile devices is going to be carried out as a cross between the classic experience that we remember with nostalgia and the new identity of the service. As users who have participated in the beta have already seen, this mobile version of the program tries to offer a visual environment that makes us think about the past, but with a more modern touch. Apparently it doesn’t have the classic skin in which the digits and song titles were displayed in green, but it is possible that this is a feature that has not yet been revealed.

What we do know is that, in its launch before the end of this year 2023, the Spanish translation will also be included, so from the first moment we will be able to enjoy its use with ease. As we told you, it will have a combination of functions between old and new Winamp. The classic function of playing the music you have on your mobile will be present. To do this, what we will have to do is scan the Music and Download folders, to which we will have to have moved all the files that we want to play with the application.

In addition to this, Winamp’s connectivity is included with the platform of creators and artists that the company is trying to make increasingly relevant. This already has the participation of more than 17,000 music professionals with which users can interact and have more direct contact through the use of the app, accessing their music, news and other elements. The tool will allow, for example, to combine the music that you have scanned in your mobile memory with the lists that the service offers you through its streaming formula.

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Winamp app on Android

Taking all that into account, I can’t hide my interest in this new version of Winamp and look forward to seeing what it will offer once it is available for download in full. The idea of ​​having access to dedicated artist hubs and an interaction environment sounds very MySpace and, at first, seems a bit old-fashioned. But it is obvious that, if we talk about old-fashioned things, Winamp is still one of the leaders, so I can’t complain much about it either. If the application correctly detects all my songs (although, for now, only those two folders), provides additional information about them and allows me to recover the way I listen to music on the computer when I don’t feel like connecting to Spotify, I’m fine. I’m sure I’ll be more than pleased.