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This is Gas, the social network of praise that triumphs among young people


There is still hope in social media for teens. Moving completely away from name-calling, hate, aggression, and bullying, a new social platform, Gas, is growing in popularity among American teen students, and the way it works is simple: It’s based on highlight the virtues of others.

Gas is getting 30,000 new users every hour

Such is the success that Gas is unseating apps like TikTok (the great reference in social networks) or BeReal, the social network that seeks sincerity and spontaneity with its simultaneous captures of the front and rear cameras in a random time of day.

In Gas users can send anonymous messages to their friends and classmates, but their content can only be positive. Here only compliments and compliments, messages of recognition are allowed and, in general, a positive and optimistic mood is encouraged.

Gas Social Network Application

The name Gas comes from a term used by Generation Z in the United States, who coined the concept “gassing someone up”, literally translatable as “elevate someone (like gas)” with the meaning of offering someone recognition, entertaining them.

To do this, the user must synchronize their location and contacts in the Gas app and rounds are offered every hour in which they can vote anonymously on various aspects of friends and family. The surveys offer possibilities to mark everything from superlative compliments to flirtatious confessions.

After the results of the vote, the user receives a notification in his inbox with the result of the vote. The concepts that are voted on are pre-established and there is no possibility to send direct messages between users.

Gas for the moment not available in all United States of America but only in 12 of them, hoping that it will soon be extended to the entire country, after which we will have to wait to see if its implementation is extended to other countries. The founders of the app explain that their motivation is to offer a space where they can feel good about themselves, in addition to showing users that there are people who love and admire them.

Gas has one million daily active users, with 30,000 new users signing up every hour.