This is Coolwalk, the Android Auto update


Google has gradually begun to distribute Coolwalk, the new version of Android Auto, completely updated and with a complete redesign of its interface that improves the possibilities and use of this driving assistance tool.

Coolwalk is the biggest design renovation of the Android Auto interface

Over the next few weeks, the update will reach all users, who will be able to install Coolwalk, the new version of Android Auto in their vehicles. Coolwalk arrives late since its appearance has been expected for months since it was presented at the beginning of the summer, but the delay has served for Google to refine the final result of a deep redesign which has been tested since Android Auto 7.1 and which finally offers two variants of its interface.

This is so because Coolwalk now adapts better to the format and size of the car’s own screen, offering two possibilities:

-Double screen with vertical division

-A single screen

In parallel, and given that Coolwalk is specifically aimed at on-board navigation and entertainment devices integrated into the vehicle’s own dashboards, Google has decided to close Android Autothe application that allows you to replace this function directly from the smartphone screen, placing it in a support on the car’s dashboard.

You have more information about the redesign of Android Auto, Coolwalk, in this video:

How to install Coolwalk from Android Auto

To check if the latest application update is already available, Android Auto must be updated in the vehicle. Depending on the case, it may be necessary to restart the app itself and clear the cache.

If after following these steps Android Auto continues without being updated, we will have to continue waiting a few days or weeks while the worldwide distribution process of Coolwalk continues to progress.

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