This is Clipchamp, the new Windows video editor

Brian Adam

Microsoft included in the past a free video editor that allowed us to do small jobs without having to complicate our lives. Unfortunately Movie Maker has passed away, although we still have the option of using advanced free video editors, like Openshot, for example.

The fact is that Microsoft bought ClipChamp in 2021, and they will integrate it with Windows 11 in the future, but we can already download it from the Microsoft store to try it out.


Upon entering, it asks us to select a template. There are several, depending on the work we are going to do.


Once chosen, we will see an editor with the tracks at the bottom and the result at the top, very similar to the openshot interface.


The template already has the parts separated, but we can delete them and create new ones. On the left we have the menu to include texts, photos, images and stock videos, as well as transitions, objects and other elements to make our video as professional as possible.


The timeline appears in the center, and allows you to cut to separate pieces, delete areas… all the same as if you were using inshot from your mobile, to give an example of a simple editor.

It is possible to include extra recordings, like the camera directly, or the screen recording in Windows.

At any time we can see the result on the screen, or choose another template without losing what we have done.

Will Clipchamp be free?

The disappointment comes when we export the result today, since it only allows free export in 480p, requiring a subscription to increase resolution.


$19 a month to export in 1080p, well above the industry average.

It is possible that when Microsoft integrates Clipchamp natively, the payment mode will disappear, but at the moment they have not given details on the subject.

At the moment it is much more expensive than mobile editors, so I still believe that this sector will be dominated by Adobe for professional use and free open source editors, leaving the mobile world to continue to be led by Filmora and inShot.