This is Canvas, the new Slack document editor

slack salesforce 730x411 1.jpg
slack salesforce 730x411 1.jpg

Slack arrived in August 2013 to become an efficient communications alternative to the continuous crossing of email messages within organizations.

The platform, which has been under the umbrella of Salesforce for just over a year, shows its ambitions by announcing today, through the Salesforce developer conference, called Dreamforce 2022, that it is developing a feature called Canvas with which Members will be able to create and edit documents collaboratively, although for now for internal use.

With this clarification given, for now Slack does not intend to become an alternative to document platforms such as Google Docs, Cryptpad or Notion, among other options currently on the market.

Slack becoming more productivity oriented

In essence, what is sought is that the most important aspects are no longer available in chat conversations to be in a separate place, accessible and easily located by anyone at a time of need for consultation.

Each Canvas document may contain text and images, but also content obtained directly from the links that are embedded in it, including YouTube videos, tweets, among others.

Members will not only be able to create and edit Canvas documents with the out-of-the-box tools, including automation features that allow them to dynamically update their content, but they will also be able to make use of external tools.

In addition to the documents that can be created in general, each channel will also automatically have its own Canvas document with which to include all the necessary information as an alternative to using bookmarks and fixers that point to links and other relevant data but exposed in chat conversations without any relationship or order.

According to Nate Botwick, vice president of products at Slack:

It takes your channels, which have already been created and mapped to your organizational priorities, and adds a space to select and organize the information for that channel

In this way, Slack has moved away from being a communication application for work groups to be a productivity application based on communication, for which the platform has also been making acquisitions to go beyond conversations through text messages. , incorporating audio and video thanks to acquisitions such as Huddles and Clips, thus entering other application segments.

Canvas is available today for developers.

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