This is BeReal, the spontaneous social network that triumphs among the youngest

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Less is more. Or this would seem to be the spirit he is born with BeReala social network that only offers its users two minutes a day in which they can share a photograph. And besides, those two minutes arrive without warning and at any time of the day. A social network that seeks above all spontaneity.

BeReal randomly allocates only two minutes a day to be able to share a photograph

With an almost extreme restriction of both the time available to share content and the amount of it to publish, BeReal squeezes even more the margins that other social networks have been expanding over time.

In 2017, Twitter increased the number of characters that can be published in each tweet, Instagram in 2015 allowed photos to stop having a square format and added videos, TikTok has extended the duration of videos in recent weeks and in general they have been encouraged the Stories, Reels and other margins are increasingly extensive, but BeReal operates in the opposite direction with its maximum restriction.

And also unpredictable, since another significant element is that of not only being limited to a single daily photograph but also the two minutes available to post it will arrive unannounced and at any time of the day. The app notifies the user by means of a notification and that limit of two minutes will be the one that can be used to share the photo.

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The photographs can be taken directly or published from those stored in the mobile reel. Once published, the photos shared by users can be viewed as a vertical scrolling carousel like Instagram and TikTok.

As a curiosity, BeReal takes an image with the rear camera at the same time, which is published as the main image, to which add a small insert on the top left captured with the front camerawith which the publication will contain at the same time the object, subject or landscape captured by the user as well as their reaction.

BeReal catches

The photos cannot be edited but a caption can be added and, more importantly, the previous photo is deleted every day.

BeReal is free and available for iOS and Android operating systems. Asks the user for their real name, phone number and date of birthand when configuring the application it is essential to grant it permission to make notifications, since in case of not accepting it, the user will not be able to know what random time of day You have two minutes a day to post your photo.

Since the user profiles are linked to the mobile phone number, the contact list itself can be used to search for users and follow them, being able to comment on the photos of other users through reactions with emojis, comments or by responding with another image.