This is all you can do with Apple smart glasses

This is all you can do with Apple smart glasses
this is all you can do with apple smart glasses

Soon we will know the expected smart glasses from Apple. A gadget that will be officially presented at the WWDC23 June, so in less than two months we will already know all the secrets of this team.

We are talking about augmented and mixed reality glasses of which we have already known a few details, including its possible design. In addition, we know that Apple will launch new models later to complement its own line of AR and VR glasses.

Now, it has been Mark Gurman, a journalist specialized in everything that has to do with Apple and whose hit rate is the highest, who in his Bloomberg column has published new data on the Apple Reality XR (possible name that you will have the smart glasses of the American firm).

What can we expect from Apple Glasses

In this way, Mark Gurman has explained that these mixed reality glasses will allow you to enjoy applications to practice sports, games or experiences at home such as watching movies and other content.

It should be remembered that Apple has its own gaming platform, Apple Arcade, and they could take advantage of these powerful virtual and augmented reality glasses by playing the available titles. It may also be compatible with Fitness+, the subscription training service for Apple Watch users.

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And now, as Mark Gurman reports, “Offers will include gaming, fitness and collaboration tools, new versions of existing Apple iPad features and services for watching sports, according to people with knowledge of the plans.”

In this way, Apple is adapting iPad apps so that they can run on its virtual and augmented reality headsets. To do this, they will have a new 3D interface that has been designed just for this team.

You’ve also talked about other features, such as the fact that These new headphones will allow you to read books through Facetime, enjoy movies and series through Apple TV+, meditation mode with audiovisual sessions… Options You won’t be short of options to make the most of the possibilities that Apple’s virtual and augmented reality glasses will offer. If you can buy them.

On the one hand, its price will not be exactly cheap, since It will cost about $3,000.. And, most importantly, they are going to launch very few units, so it probably won’t leave the United States.

As for the release date, counting on Apple to present these augmented and mixed reality glasses in June, it is most likely that Before the end of the year, the long-awaited Apple Glasses will hit the market.


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