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This impressive Google game transfers petanque to your mobile without installing anything

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A new reason for celebration has served for google to turn one of its doodles into a game: these days you can play petanque from the Google homepage and without having to install anything. Not only that, virtual petanque is very successful, especially on smartphones. Hooks up.

Playing with the phone is not strange since it is enough to access Google Play to find a multitude of mobile games. Of course, with some drawbacks: you have to install them, they usually offer advertising in exchange for being free, and they don’t always stand out for how good they are. What do you want to entertain yourself with? instant and hassle-free apps? There are alternatives to installing games.

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A complete petanque game to enjoy in company

Petanque Google

Taking advantage of the fact that Google has paid homage to petanque or pétanque, a game that was invented in France in 1907, the company has developed a doodle for the occasion (the doodles are the creations for the Google cover that adapt the logo to the different anniversaries of the moment). On this occasion, and as happened with Pac-Man, the Olympic Games or Halloween, the doodle becomes a game.

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With Google’s game based on petanque, it is possible to enjoy a competition against a friend (via a link to share) or against a random player (Google matches players automatically); in addition to competing with oneself as a test. On computers, the game mechanics involve dragging the cursor to obtain the launch power, but on mobile phones, the mechanics are much more realistic: you have to throw the ball with your finger, sliding on the screen.

The petanque game maintains simple graphics and a game style that walks the same path. What prevails in the doodle are the physics: as in real petanque, in the Google game you have to get as close as possible to the small ball (bowling) based on throwing the big metal ones (it is as important to get as close to bowling as it is to hit the balls of the rest of the opponents). Each round won is worth one point.

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With this new game from Google, you don’t need to install anything or spend time following the tutorial: we all know the rules of petanque (and we’ve played it from time to time). Also, it’s free and has no ads.

Petanque Google 3

Virtual petanque works very well on touch screens. To test it, all you have to do is access the Google page from your phone and click on the petanque doodle. In the event that it does not appear on the cover, the game will always be available on the doodles page.

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