This has been the adventure of the Google Pixel in 2023: two new devices, artificial intelligence and updates everywhere

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We look back to see what 2023 has had in store for Google mobile phones, which have had a very eventful year



We can say that the Google Pixel are the reference in Android. They are for several reasons, but mainly because their manufacturer is responsible par excellence for the operating system. Google has had a quite entertaining 2023, with high-level software and hardware releases.

To put the finishing touch to the year, We are going to recapitulate each step of the Google Pixel, and on the way, wish this important family of mobile phones, at least, the same success that it has achieved in the year that is slipping through our hands. Let’s see how 2023 of the Google Pixel has been, so we better fasten our seatbelts.

The first Pixel Feature Drop of the year arrived in March

What would the Google Pixel be without updates that keep its software with the latest features? That’s what we ask ourselves, because 2023 began for Google by deploying the March Pixel Feature Drop, also called Android 13 QPR2 during its development.

This one brought us some changes to the quick settings interface, like a clock that expands with fluid animation. The Pixel launcher welcomed the app folders, but the most important thing was the Magic Eraser, which was no longer exclusive to the most recent mobile phones. As minor novelties, we have compatibility with UWB, in order to open our car with a Pixel 6 or Pixel 7.

After this update, it came the highlight of the year: the launch of two new devices, which unfortunately have not crossed the borders of our country.

The most powerful launches have not reached Spain

We talk about the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel Fold, the first tablet and the first foldable of the family, not from Google (remember the extinct Nexus). Two very important launches, although somewhat less so as they are exclusive to some territories.

However, they set an important precedent: the king of Android also knows how to manufacture other types of mobile devices, and has adapted the operating system to them. This is where the redesign of Google Weather comes from (mainly developed for large screens), and changes that came to apps like Keep.

In May, we learned about the new mid-range Pixel, the Pixel 7A. A terminal that is available in Spain and that we have been able to analyze in Xataka: we classify it as “the definitive blow to the high range.”

As we say, we are left with the sadness of not having been able to enjoy the two new devices. However, we do not deny that they have been quite relevant to the Android scene despite go somewhat unnoticed. Now, let’s continue touring 2023.

Quarterly Pre-Summer Update

The June Pixel Feature Drop, corresponding to Android 13 QPR3, brought us emoji wallpapers, as well as cinematic wallpapers as main banners. Of course, they contributed better performance to the Pixels, like the macro video on the Pixel 7 Pro or the timer that activates when we raise our hand.

Obviously minor features arrived, which continued to outline the Android formula. One of these is adaptive loading, which protect our battery of cycle degradation, this time without the need to set an alarm.

An autumn marked by the new generation and Android 14

Yes there are an important moment for Google and Android that is the autumn season. We learned about the stable version of Android 14, which began in the Pixel and a few months later a manufacturer has left us standing out in its update policy.

Android 14

We are not going to dwell on the many new features of the latest version of Google’s OS, because there is still room to cut. Of course, we make special mention of the Google Camera update 9.0, which redesigned the interface with a few tweaks here and there.

The new generation of Google Pixel has once again set the pace with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Prowhich raise the level of what was seen in 2022. In addition to the Tensor G3, we have seen the further progress in Android updates: These terminals will update for seven years.

December update closes the year

We come to the month that is still in its final stages. A December marked by the first major Android 14 update, the December Pixel Feature Drop. Some of his characteristics most popular are:

  • Video Boost + Video Night Sight on Pixel 8 Pro.
  • Night Sight Timelapse for Pixel 8 Pro.
  • Dual screen preview on the Pixel Fold.
  • Google Photos: Improvements to Portrait Light and Photo Blur for Cats/Dogs.
  • The Pixel can now act as a webcam for our computer.
  • The Pixel Camera 9.2 also brought the Pixel 8 series viewfinder to older phones.
Google Gemini

And no less important has been Gemini, the new AI from Google which will come in three versions: Gemini Pro for Google BardGemini Ultra for the future as the most powerful model and Gemini Nano that will not need a connection and will run locally.

In summary, these are the improvements, updates and launches that Google has discovered in 2023. In addition to supporting Android and increasing its services with artificial intelligence, bet on the future with elements like Gemini, and of course, with their Pixel 8 that will be updated until 2030. We close a fairly prolific year for Google, and we hope that the next one will be even better.

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Cover image | Ricardo Aguilar for Xataka

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