This Google Maps feature is becoming less and less useful and no one seems to fix it

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A driver is behind the wheel waiting in the car

As much as Google Maps is one of the company’s most popular tools, recent events suggest that one of its features could soon disappear. At least, if Google doesn’t take action on the matter to remedy itsomething that seems increasingly complicated.

In 2019, Google gave joy to all users of its mobile application by incorporating a feature that was very well received. It was a system with which it was possible to begin reporting traffic incidents. In its nature was one of the best ways to drive safely and avoid incidents. But what has happened?

Google has forgotten about this feature

That is the main problem. Over the years, the use of Google Maps has changed a lot. Drivers no longer use the application in the same way they used it before and that is something that is significantly affecting this tool.

Report a traffic incident on Google Maps

As you yourself surely know if you have a car, nowadays the normal thing is to bring Google Maps to Android Auto or have it in CarPlay. In this way we have access to the Google tool of a more comfortable way and totally safe. However, specifically, the incident reporting function has not been carried over to these applications. And that’s where the problem lies.

Waze again ahead

The competition that Waze is providing for Google Maps is increasing, and not only because of its more original functions. Although the Google app has always had the name and the predisposition to be installed on millions of Android terminals, it is little by little losing ground. What Google is not adapting to the needs of its users, as is the case in this example, is one of the problems.

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The road incident reporting system is a good demonstration of how, over time, we have stopped using Google Maps solely to plot routes from one place to another. Today the application has become much more, since it has enormous importance every time we get behind the wheel. With the incident report we can know if an accident has occurred, but also if there is some type of outage due to construction or if another obstruction is causing problems on the road.

A car on fire after a road accident

In addition, this function also incorporates warnings about speed cameras and other types of information that end up being very useful when we drive or when we are preparing an outing with the car. This is data that could benefit us a lot. if we had them accessible in Android Auto or CarPlay and if we could report them as happens in the case of their availability in Waze.

On mobile phones, the use of this Google Maps system is reflected in the form of a menu that appears in the right corner and offers quick access to adding data. We can, for example, include the presence of a radar very quickly, which immediately helps other drivers to be aware of it. But without the support for use this same system on the screen of our car, the situation changes enormously and interest in Google Maps progressively reduces.

Cars crowded in a traffic jam on the road

The big drawback is that this type of function relies on the collaborative effort of the community. If users do not collaborate and help each other, it ends up being useless. And that’s just what’s happening on Google Maps, where there are fewer and fewer incidents reported compared to Waze. The community of this alternative increases and is much more active, which inevitably leads to the impact of the Google app being reduced.

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If this does not change, it is more than likely that the incident reporting function ends up deactivated or disappearing, because users who still continue using it will appreciate that it is becoming less and less relevant. There’s always time to give it a boost, but Google should include support for it as soon as possible in the main driving apps.