This gaming monitor offers an amazing frequency rate: more than 500 Hz!

The 2022 Winter Olympics are approaching, and as expected, the largest manufacturers in China have opened the season for the presentation of their magnificent novelties. But without a doubt, one of the ones that has attracted the most attention has been BOE with its new gaming monitor, a solution that boasts superior speed, since it has a screen with a diagonal of 27 inches with a refresh rate of 500 Hz.

The manufacturer BOE wants to become a benchmark in the sector, and that is why it has not hesitated to present the first Full HD monitor with a screen refresh rate that can exceed 500 Hz.

A gaming monitor with the highest refresh rate on the market

Nowadays, BOE dominates the LCD panel manufacturing sector with an iron fist, and now thanks to oxide display technology, it has managed to present its Full HD monitor with a 27-inch diagonal and a refresh rate capable of exceeding 500 Hz.

It is becoming more and more common to see the use of screens with oxide semiconductors, since these hardly consume energy, and have a high refresh rate. Of course, it is not perfect, since there are performance problems with certain currents, making the manufacturing process of this type of panel very complex, making it unprofitable. But the Asian manufacturer has finally shown that it is capable to master the technique.

As they have explained from BOE: “this screen is prepared to offer an incredible experience for consumers who want the latest in visualization for entertainment”. There is no doubt that, after the launch of this new and powerful monitor, the firm will be able to expand its borders and obtain new clients.

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And it is that this gaming monitor not only has to offer a 27-inch screen and 500 Hz, but also features real 8-bit output and 1 ms response.It is most likely that our eyes will not appreciate the difference that a rate of 500 Hz represents, but without a doubt, it is an important advance in the video game sector, which we must recognize that at the moment, it is in the highest.

For the moment, it is unknown what the price of the BOE star monitor will be, and there is also no information about the markets it will reach, since the company has not given details about it. Although you don’t have to be a lynx to estimate a date, since in their advertising they talk about the Winter Olympics, which will start on February 4 in Beijing, everything indicates that we will see new information in the coming days.