This free application has solved the space problems on my phone: goodbye to the heaviest apps without giving up using them

If you have a veteran and/or entry-level phone, it is likely that sooner or later you will face a reality: photos and videos are increasingly of higher quality so they take up more space and the applications are heavier. Hence, my Android phone with 256GB has ideal storage space for the present and future, but I cannot say the same for my sister’s smartphone, with a couple of years behind it and 64GB of base memory (which is not real, since that the OS occupies its own). Given the problem of lack of space, beyond freeing up space on your mobile, a recommendation: install this free application whose objective is to launch them from the web.

About deleting an application to use the web version instead, it’s nothing new. In fact, it is a very intelligent resource in many cases in which the app does not provide anything differential beyond the notifications (which on a personal basis I usually have disabled with few exceptions). But if you don’t want to do it on your own, there is an application that comes in handy because of how well optimized it is to offer a magnificent experience: it is called Hermit and it is available free in Google Play Store. Although there is the subscription option with some extra features, the free version is complete enough and also comes without ads.

Goodbye to the heaviest apps without giving up using them

Once you download the application and install it on your mobile, The clarity with which it is shown on its first screens is striking.simplifying the process for beginners who are not very clear about what it means to delete an application but continue using it from its web version.

What advantage do these lite apps have instead of the standard ones downloaded the old way? First and obviously, save download space, but it also minimizes the battery consumption derived from its use (with fine print: now we will spend it through the browser, although greater optimization against third-party apps can be assumed) and also limits the data collected by applications.

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Upon entering, a blank screen appears with a ‘Create’ button in the bottom left corner that you have to tap to get started. Now two options appear, that of create your own lite app or use ready-made lite apps on the platform. I was clear about which applications took up the most space on my sister’s phone and after taking a look at the lite apps available, I found one of them: TikTok.

Go ahead than the app per se It doesn’t take up more than a few hundred megabytes, but there are other things like the history of videos viewed, cache, drafts, downloads that significantly increase that figure. If you click on it, the icon will appear that will be displayed on the main screen and little else. However, there are many other popular ones such as Amazon, Twitch, Google Maps and Google Translate, Linked In, ChatGPT and Bard, Telegram, Skype, Slack… the list is long, but in any case I can tell you that Creating it from scratch doesn’t have much of a mystery either.


Thus, if we choose this path, a browser will basically open where we will have to write the URL of the website that interests us, for example There we played about ‘Create a Lite App‘, we confirm the name and that this address is the one that leads directly to the service and by default it will appear on the main screen. When confirmed, we will be there.

The next time we click on the new Instagram or TikTok icons that appear on the Home screen and enter our credentials, we can enjoy the social network without installing it. It is true that all this could be done simply from the browser, creating a shortcut, but Hermit makes it more intuitive and has more advantages.

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Remarkable is its customization and reading mode. By using the direct access with the browser you have its own limitations, or rather, the configuration you have. In this case, it has visualization tools, the possibility of deactivating tracking cookies if you wish for more privacy, dark mode or notifications. If you have a mobile phone short of space and you set it up well, you can have access to TikTok, Instagram, X or YouTube in a single application.


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