This free AI is really useful: it helps you detect scams in seconds

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this free ai is really useful it helps you detect.jpg

The emergence of the Artificial intelligence in our lives is fraught with controversy mainly because of what ChatGPT or imaging tools like DALL-E are capable of creating and where they get that training data from. However, it is also a powerful technological advance that can lend a hand in cybersecurity tasks to detect scams.

Specifically, Bitdefender, one of the most reputable cybersecurity firms in the world, launches Scamioa powerful AI-powered scam detection service.

Analysis and detection of scams using AI

Scamio is a free scam detection service designed to help users Identify online fraud attempts received by email, embedded links, SMS and instant messaging. This service is provided through a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Every year online scams increase and that is why there are never more tools that can help us to fight cybercriminals. According to a report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), consumer losses from fraud in 2022 amounted to $8.8 billion, an increase of 30 percent from the previous year. Scams committed via text messages accounted for $330 million in losses, more than double.

Scamio interface, AI scam detection“The rapid rise in adoption of AI by cybercriminals to trick users into stealing personal information and infiltrating their digital lives has become a real game-changer. Online scams, once easy to identify, have now become difficult to spot with the naked eye. Scamio balances the scales by offering a reliable probability of Malicious activity detection based on content and context of the message. It’s like having a personal assistant that you can always talk to and trust to help protect your digital life.”said Ciprian Istrate, senior vice president of operations for Bitdefender’s Consumer Solutions Group.

This situation could worsen precisely thanks to the adoption of AI with large language models (LLM) by cybercriminals to create extremely difficult to detect malicious content, which is expected to give a boost to the challenge of combating online fraud. What AI takes away from you, AI gives you and can also be used on the other side of the coin.

“Scamio, am I being scammed?”

Through the functionality of the Scamio chatbot, which can be accessed for free, a solid second opinion on possible fraud attempts by analyzing emails, text messages, images, individual links and even QR codes.

Users simply place the questionable content on Scamio and conversationally describe the context in which it was received. Scamio provides a verdict in seconds along with recommendations on additional actions (‘delete’ and/or ‘block contact’, for example) and preventative measures to protect against that type of scam in future attempts.

Scamio also features Bitdefender’s threat detection, prevention and protection technologies to maximize scan detection rates, along with innovative context decoding to provide scam verdicts based on an understanding of particular circumstances. This is very effective for complex types of fraud, such as social engineeringwhich can evade common forms of detection.

Using Scamio through the Facebook Messenger app

The tool is easy to use and is compatible with any device or operating system (OS). Access is through a web browser or Facebook Messenger after having set up an account, although later they also intend to integrate it into WhatsApp or Telegram.

It incorporates a advanced natural language processing (NLP) to understand and interpret user conversations (including the linguistic nuances and subtleties often used in scams) accurately. Scamio is completely free and does not require downloading or prior access to a Bitdefender product, simply a free account in the security service with which to access.

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