This free AI is perfect for social networks: going from text to speech has never been easier

image of a microphone

We have more and more tools on the market that allow us to save a large amount of time thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence. My Vocal AI is one of them. We tell you all the details.

Over the past few months, we have attended a succession of tools that use Artificial Intelligence to carry out a large number of tasks. Many of them have specialized in transcribing audio to text, being very useful for use in instant messaging applications, for example. However, today we bring you another of the options that has achieved the greatest popularity in recent weeks and that brings us the reverse functionality: clones our voice and narrates any text we show it. Is called My Vocal AI And then we are going to tell you some of its main features.

Create audios for your social networks

Getting started with this tool is very simple. The first thing we have to do is access the link and register with our email and password. Once we access the interface, we will be able to access different functionalities. At first, we are going to focus on the transcription of text to audio.

In order to make use of this feature, we must access the Text-to-Speech tab and, immediately afterwards, we will find a text box in which we will be able to enter all the information that we are interested in transcribing. The free version of the app forces us to have to accept certain limitations such as, for example, the number of characters: we will only be able to narrate a total of 6000 characters. In the event that we need more, we will have to upgrade to acquire a higher plan.

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image of My Vocal AI interface

Once we have the text entered, we have to click on the “Generate” button so that we can download the generated file. It is important that we notice that at the top of the tool we find a large number of parameters that we can configure. From the language to the type of voice, although, if we want the audio to be from a native person in Spain, we will have to opt for a payment plan. Once we have the audio generated, we can download it for later use.

Clone your voice

One of the most interesting aspects that this tool offers us is that we also have the possibility of cloning our voice and having our own voice used to narrate. In this way, in the event that we want to carry out recordings on social networks, It will not be necessary for us to invest a large amount of time in making individual recordings and, subsequently, uploading the content. We should only upload the script in text format.

In this case, the function of cloning our voice requires the application training, having to read the different sentences that the tool itself dictates to us. There is also the option of using a faster method, such as uploading our own audios in a compatible format. But, to use this possibility, it is necessary to use some of the subscription plans that you can see in the following screenshot.

My Vocal AI pricing