This famous music app includes a new function to identify your songs with headphones

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Shazam identify music headphones

When we are listening to a song that we really like through an application, such as social networks, it causes a lot of frustration not to know the title or who is singing it at that moment, so that you have to leave the program you are using and search for it through from the Internet or play it on another device. However, one of the most famous song identification tools has established a very practical function using your headphones. Do you already know which one we are talking about?

We are walking down the street and we hear that song that fascinates us so much, but we don’t know what it’s called exactly. What application do we usually use? Exactly, to Shazam. The truth is that it is one of the perfect accessories to have downloaded to your mobile, since it is a powerful tool capable of guessing in just a few seconds what song we are listening to at that moment. But now it has added an improved function that tells you what song you are listening to with your headphones on.

Identify songs with headphones

Shazam has received a new update to identify the music of your favorite songs while you are using your headphones, both wirelessly with Bluetooth and wired, compatible with operating systems iOS and Android.

The procedure to make this possible is very simple. Simply open the Shazam app, press the “S” button and return to one of the applications that integrate music to start recognizing the song that is playing and playing through your headphones at the same time. For it, you will see a headphones icon in Shazam so that the program knows that you are using them at that precise moment.

This feature is also available on the control Panel of iOS or in the Notification bar of Android so that access is much more direct. Likewise, if you have dragged or added a widget to one of the pages on your mobile, the application will work without problems.

Shazam identify songs headphones

What applications does it work on?

Of course, it has only been tested in the applications of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, but it can be verified in many others that you have installed. Simply put on your headphones, open one of the apps you have installed that might play music, and access Shazam to check it out.

However, Shazam will send you a notification at the moment in which the song is successfully identified or in the event that an error occurs, which implies that this app is not among those that can be used to determine the name of the song or the artist. Once you have collected all the songs, you can view them in Shazam in the Library tab and then in Shazams.

If this function is not yet available on your smartphone, try going to the different application stores, depending on your mobile model, and update the Shazam app to its latest version. But if you still have a song identification problem, you can always go to the support website to clarify all your doubts.

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