This data from my Android TV has revealed that in my house I watch more TV than I thought: this is how I have set a usage limit

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Taking an in-depth look at the settings on our devices can help us not only get the most out of them, but also discover some of the most interesting information. Without going any further, in those models with Android TV or Google TV it is possible to know How long your TV has been on. I did it and discovered that I get more use out of your TV than I thought.

Because among the smart TV settings it is possible to find the operating time of the television, that is, how long has it been operational playing content. Be careful, they are not the total hours in operation nor do they take into account periods in which it is in standby, in which technically it is not completely turned off (something we would do by pressing the physical power button on the device or unplugging it from the power).

In fact, If we wanted to know the historical usage time of televisionYou would have to go to the TV’s factory menu, but be careful because it has some technical sections that it is better not to touch if you are not clear about what you are doing. In any case and if you wish, Here is a tutorial to access the manufacturer menu.

How to know how long the TV has been running

To discover this information we will have to open the Android TV/Google TV interface and go to the settings gear icon. From here, we will follow the following route: ‘Device Preferences’ > ‘About’ > ‘Status’ and there we will find, lastly, the activity time.

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This is where we were surprised and decided to take action. First, give him a break right then and there. The second: set a usage limit. This decision can be especially useful if there are minors at home and you want to prevent them from being in front of the screen for a long time, but in our case we found it interesting to be aware of how much we watch TV and reduce the use, which does not mean that a specific day we skip it. But at least have the purpose.

Thus, we install the Tvusage application, available free on Google Play Store. Although I already tell you that We are facing a fairly complete app: Yes, it allows you to limit the use of the television in general or by applications, but also access more detailed activity statistics and by app, block applications with a four-digit PIN, among other things. Due to these characteristics, it is most interesting when there are little ones at home for parental control. The good thing is that it warns you when you are close to that limit.

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Once installed and after granting the relevant special permissions, in the main interface we will see a mosaic with the main applications that we have installed and their order is not coincidental: it depends on how much you use them, leaving the area on the left and with a notable size to ‘the winner’. If you go app by app, you will see that there are more statistics such as daily and weekly usage time, a graph of the last three days and options such as blocking and even excluding a certain app from your count.

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This screen is precisely where we can add usage limit with hours and minutes. Once confirmed, we will have an app that will prevent us from spending less time in front of the screen. A couple of interesting points: when the usage limit is close, an informative notice appears and it is also possible to set breaks.


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