This crazy console has two screens like the Nintendo DS and the latest AMD processors

this crazy console has two screens like the nintendo ds and the latest amd processors
this crazy console has two screens like the nintendo ds and the latest amd processors

Ayaneo has confirmed that its new portable console can be configured with a second lower screen.

These months will probably be remembered as a golden era in the portable console market , and all thanks to two new types of devices: Android-based consoles, which are basically smartphones with buttons, and consoles that are basically computers with another shape. .

Ayaneo is one of the most recognized brands in this growing sector; The first Android-based Ayaneo console, the Pocket Air , was introduced not long ago , and has released many models that have defined what you can expect from a device like this.

Perhaps that is why the next Ayaneo model is somewhat more experimental, so to speak, with a very daring design; In fact, it is so different from the rest of the range and other portable consoles, that many people believed that the first leaked images of the device were fake. The CEO of Ayaneo himself has had to publicly confirm that the ‘leak’ is actually official and that the device is real.

A Nintendo DS that is a PC

The Ayaneo Flip DS has a name that makes the intentions of its creators very clear: to follow in the footsteps of the Nintendo DS , the portable console that had a second screen, with touch capabilities, that accompanied the main screen. Many developers took advantage of this ‘hardware’ with very innovative and curious ideas, although that means that today it is difficult to enjoy those games ‘properly’ again. This new console could solve that, even if it is using emulators.

Actually, the idea of ​​a second screen is not new in the laptop sector; Asus’ ZenBook Duo demonstrated the possibilities, allowing programs to be moved to the lower screen and offering access to additional controls for programs like Photoshop. There was also a ‘gaming’ version of this laptop, which offered controls for games and streaming apps. The Ayaneo Flip DS should allow something similar, and the ‘hardware’ will not be an impediment.

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And Ayaneo has decided to base this console on the new AMD laptop processors, specifically on the Ryzen 7 7840U which has an integrated Radeon 780M graphics. That should have enough power to run all modern games without issue, outperforming other PC-based consoles like the Steam Deck.

This console will be available in two versions. The Flip DS will feature a smaller second screen, with controls on the ends, while the Flip KB will have a full QWERTY keyboard instead ; This version may be more attractive if we want to use the console like a more conventional laptop, allowing us to write documents and browse the Internet without having to use a touch keyboard or connect one via Bluetooth or USB.

There are still unknowns about this console, the most important being the price; although not all the details about the screens and the rest of the components used, as well as the launch date, are known.