This could be the design of Apple’s next smart glasses

This could be the design of Apple's next smart glasses
this could be the design of apple's next smart glasses

There is less left for Apple to present its long-awaited mixed reality glasses. At the moment, everything indicates that June will be the month chosen by the bitten apple company, since it has sent the invitations for the WWDC23Apple’s Annual Developers Conference and where they will show off their new gadget.

The launch of these augmented and virtual reality glasses is involved in great controversy. Mainly because there are engineers in the company who do not agree with the product to be shown because they believe that it is not finished.

But it is a personal project of Tim Cook, and the first great product of its era, which continues to live in the shadow of Steve Jobs. For this reason, the current CEO of Apple, supported by the company’s chief engineer, supports the launch of his smart glasses.

This could be the design of the Apple Glass

Now, thanks to the colleagues of MacRumors, we can know the possible design that Apple’s next smart glasses would have. all thanks to some renders created by professional product designer Marcus Kane and where we can see what this equipment will look like.

In case you don’t know Marcus, he’s a industrial designer and UX consultant who has been using mixed reality headsets (virtual and augmented) to work for some time. And now, he’s created these detailed concepts where we can see what Apple’s smart glasses could look like.

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/ Marcus Kane for MacRumors

Taking into account their experience in the sector, we can think that your idea will be more than close to what Apple is preparing. As indicated in the publication, Marcus’s design has been inspired by other Apple products and his particular way of seeing things.

For example, they indicate that these headphones would have an external battery pack which, according to Marcus’s idea, will have a shoulder bag that will be mounted on a small shoulder bag, including a cable that will connect to the glasses to charge the equipment.

We can also see a product with a very minimalist appearance, and that includes headphones integrated into these glasses so that you can listen to sound without having to connect external headphones.

As for the price and release date, the Apple Glass is expected to hit the market at the end of the year at a price of $3,000. And there will be very limited units of this first generation, so very few users will be able to enjoy the Apple’s first mixed reality headset.